OPM The Strongest club challenge
  • Club challenge tokens refresh every 6hours, and you can do 3 times daily for free, so you want to make sure you do the first one before 11am preferably, otherwise you will be tight on time to do the 2nd and 3rd one before the day ends.
  • Once you challenge a boss, you cannot challenge other bosses.
  • Club challenge starts at 8am and ends at 12am. At 12am, you will receive your reward for the day’s work.
  • Every battle will count towards a chest reward counter (except Boros). If you complete 50 times, you will get the chest reward, which is almost always an orange for the Geryu box. This quest is not a one-time thing and can be repeated indefinitely.
    OPM The Strongest club boss chest
  • Chest rewards contain Primal, Suit and Knight gear.
    If you quit your club or get kicked, your box counter will be reset and you will start from 0 in the new club. You’ll also be unable to challenge any club bosses for that day.
    Every club secretary you kill (those street thugs on club exploration) will increase the Club Boss Dmg Bonus by 0.5%
    OPM The Strongest club boss chest

  • FOR GERYU – Remember to limit your damage so that everyone in your club can hit it at least 3 times before the boss dies. Once you hit 50m dmg, change your lineup to a weak lineup for your next battle.


OPM The Strongest club challenge

By now you and your club should be farming Geryu or Boros only. If you’re still doing other bosses, change your club.

BKSK/Any esper
CE/Sonic (1)Genus
AM (2)ZBM/Mumen Rider/CK
CE/Sonic SPD 1, AM 2. The rest is whatever.

Core: Genus
CE or Sonic MUST go first and MUST be wearing Suit/Casual set. After taking action, the set will heal them, generating 2 energy from Genus core and then Amai can ult. He must go 2nd so that the boss is injured and BK will start rolling. ZBM can just basic attack.

Ideally SK to be 5* to increase the extra dmg dealt by injury. DG’s 5* passive also helps to boost the team’s damage (20%/30%), but it’s ok if he’s not 5* yet.

Genus and SK to wear suit as well for the extra DMG reflect.
Amai – Primal
BK – Gangster
CE/SSS – Suit with high SPD
ZBM – Primal/Suit

CE will yield higher overall dps as compared to Sonic due to Berserk.
Also, make BK spd6 if possible so that CE’s berserk buff on him will remain for his 3 follow-ups to maximize damage.


OPM The Strongest Boros Club Boss
Look at all the NAs. Nopeeeeee.

As of now, only do Boros if:

  • Your server has killed Boros before and the orange chest counter is unlocked
  • You can hit 180M in dmg to qualify for the Tier3 Orange chest

Otherwise it might be better to stick with Geryu for a guaranteed orange for now.


Credits to Mikha

  • Hitting units at the back do NOT count as damage towards Boros
  • ZBM is a must
  • Tier 1 chest on Boros does not differ too much from Tier 4 chest on Geryu, so Tier 4 chest on Geryu would be better since you have a free orange gear every 50 boss attempts
  • Based on their (gao de man and deep blue) experience, you have a very low chance of getting orange+ gear from tier 2 Boros chest and they have not seen anyone get orange+ from tier 1 Boros chest. We’d recommend to only start hitting Boros when you are able to get tier 3 chest in 3 attempts
  • You need approximately 900k~1M HP on your units before you should attempt hitting Boros
  • Boros does AoE damage (normal dmg to the main target and extra dmg to the other 5 units
  • Amai BK GB needs to be strong enough to clear grori by end of turn 2 (before he ults), geryu by end of turn 3, and melz by end of turn 5
  • Basic stats to have before attempting Boros: backline >845k HP, frontline >1m HP, team >273 SPD, ZM >220k ATK

Personally, I’ve been experimenting, and what you want to do is aim to kill Groribas by end of Turn 2. This is very important, you may close the app and retry again if you don’t manage to kill him. If Groribas is left alive after Turn 2, he will ult and corrode you, and that gives Boros an attack increase which will wipe most of your team if you don’t have enough HP – This hits harder than the first time.

Once Groribas is dead, target to kill Geryu by end of Turn 3. The reason is because he can also randomly berserk an ally (Boros included) from his basic attack. Once these 2 are dead, you should be able to survive all of Boros’s aoe, assuming your units have enough HP and ZBM has enough attack for him to heal your entire team to back to full in 2 turns.

ZBM Core

An F2P friendly Boros Line-Up. I use TT because my GB is too weak, still works fine for me. You can use most AOE units such as AS, as long as you can trigger the BK follow-up on Grori/Geryu.


Gyoro Core (future when RMG comes)


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