OPM The Strongest Institute of Genetics

Credits: Icrine, Idris, Mikha (Club SG Discord) and myself lol

Basics of Institute

Before we get on to the details, let’s go through some basics so that you have an understanding!

  1. Sweeping. Sweep dumps you 1 floor below your max clear on 3star difficulty. So if you’ve 3starred floor 505 (and everything below it), the next day you will be dumped on 504 (you have to clear 504 on the next day). This means that if you want to progress up one hard level daily, you will need to:
    Sweep to highest floor > Do the next 2 floors on EASY > Do the 3rd one HARD (this is the one you will be attempting to clear)

  2. Keep retrying! If you pause and LEAVE the game before you die (defeated screen), it will be as if the battle did not happen and your units will all be alive just as before the battle. It’s because of this mechanic that you’re able to keep trying to get the stars to align for that double formal stun to clear the stage. DO NOT SKIP, that will kill you basically.

  3. Don’t dismantle your suit sets, no matter how useless the stats are! Throw them all on your low level minions, the stats doesn’t matter, you just want them for the dmg reflect. As you progress into the higher levels, the enemies hit like a truck and usually one-shot your units. The idea here is to deploy all your low lvls wearing suit, and let the enemies kill them whilst slowly whittling down their life via dmg reflect. You need to repeat this for a few rounds (if you don’t have enough suits, you can manually unequip and equip them on the next team) until the enemies are almost dead. That’s when you clean up with the main team!
    Do note that this method is a little harder on floors 7 and 8 as the mosquitos have life leech and offsets the dmg reflect. To be sure, just try out the first round with suits and see if the reflect is more than the life leech.
    1. Put suit on unyielding units to get even more reflect as they survive for another turn! Units include Alloy, Mumen, Clone, and now ZBM.

  4. Don’t dismantle your formal sets too! They are critical to some of the ‘cheese’ methods we’ll be using later. These are for spreading debuffs to the back row, namely for the stun.

  5. What buffs to choose? When selecting the buffs, you’ll want to get Dmg Rate, Crit Rate, and Crit dmg for sure. Some people like the level resistance of your current level, others will always pick the most right (x9) buffs. Obviously, the buffs are random, and if you get a good set of buffs, try to clear more than 1 Hard stage. If you get low crit rate or crit dmg, try again the next day.
    1. Make sure you count the crit rate, as the game doesn’t stop if you’re already at 100% crit, so anything above 100% crit is wasted. In fact, you can choose to stop at 75-80% crit even
OPM The Strongest Institute of Genetics
OPM The Strongest Institute of Genetics

6. Healing up. To heal up your units, you can bench them (take them off your team), or cycle them to your backline. When running the 6 DPS build, this is how you “tank”, as compared to running tank units (which make you take MORE damage because you end up not being able to kill them before they cast their turn 2 spells)

Steps to progress in Institute of Genetics

  1. Use Amai core with main team to clear Stage 101 Hard (basic attacks only), then sweep to highest floor (Amai core so after sweep you get max energy). (You can continue to do 3star fights manually until room 102 and collect upgrade there, because the highest upgrade only costs 6 instead of 9, saving you 3 DNA. Then sweep to highest floor. credits: /u/einstein6)
  2. Stage 1 Easy: Use main team to clear
  3. Stage 2 Easy: Use main team to clear
  4. Stage 3 HARD: This is what matters for the day, and you should try to aim for the win
    1. Use your suit teams and cycle them until the enemy team is almost dead
    2. Use your main team to clear and win
  5. Stage 4 HARD: I will always take a look at the next stage to check out my enemy types and the formation so that I can plan for the next day, and also I select hard JUST IN CASE I’m able to also win it due to the formation or luck (which has happened multiple times).
  6. Probably end for the day, and repeat the cycle the next day

Sounds super easy right? Nopeee, it’s a lot harder when you try it. There are very specific line-ups and strategies to win it, and you need all the stars to align and some luck.


These are just some examples, you don’t have to follow them in stone. Your battle might be very different based on enemy formation and type, so tweak it to your scenarios, play around with your roster, and just keep trying!

Main Teams

This team focuses on single target (and column if AM/Boros has primal), and stun. Core MG.

  • Formal stun top row (MUST retry if you don’t get 2 stuns)
  • AM focus bottom right, whilst everyone else tries to kill bottom left
  • CK/tank should be able to withstand the middle attacks. It’s ok if he dies, MG will revive
  • Continue to formal stun the top row, and kill the middle row
  • Finish off top row
  • If AM or BK dies, restart (if you know you’re going to win just continue)
  • SPD doesn’t really matter as you will almost always go first, but CE going first would be nice so that Shatter is up (= more dmg later on), and you know from the start if the formal stuns proc
CE (formal)AM/Boros

This team focuses on trying to kill the enemy team in 1 turn. Core CE.

  • Just pure AOE DPS, the most fun. Sometimes you can use this as a ‘sacrificial team’ and dish out the most aoe dmg, and then clean up after using a second team

This team focuses on stunning 2 rows of enemies while focusing on one. Core CE.

  • CE and SK stun one row each, focus the other. Repeat
CE (formal)GB
SK (formal)CK/ZBM

Corrode team. Core Genus.

CORE Genus

Stun Team

This team specializes in stun-lock. Core CE.

  • You can literally stun all 6 enemy units, just that you need the stars to align.
  • Hammerhead, CE and Lightning Max stuns one column each. Lightning Max must target the Burn target for 100% stun, so make sure he goes after STK/VM.
  • You can also use this team (or part of this team) to clean up the remainder if your main aoe team kills some but dies.
  • Genos + Lightning Max is also a 100% stun-lock on single targets.
  • You can also use Sky King with Formal for stun, but do note he’s also useful for his 30% extra dmg passive (which affects the suit reflect)
STKHammerhead (formal)
CE (formal)Mumen
VMLightning Max (formal)

Hope this helps! Do comment below if you have more line-ups to share!

Video guide by Icrine

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