OPMTS Training Center

Credits: Info by galinte, Lance, and CN youtubers. Check out the SEA Discord for more info like these!

Here we have another game mode content where you have more ways to increase your BP!

The training center has 3 sections as below:

1. Expedition

4 groups based on Class that you need to clear stages with that class team.

Benefits: Collect rewards every 8 hours The rewards contain materials that are needed for the class training.


  • Rewards based on stage clearance so obviously try to clear the highest one you can
  • Hi-Tech and Duelist are considered the most difficult since there are not much of those units that are good and commonly used/levelled so you will have a problem
    • For Hi-Tech your highest one would probably only be CE and Genus. If you have MK then all the better for you!
    • For Duelist it’s a little bit better with Zombieman, and you should have a decent Sonic or STK
  • Yes you have to login every 8hrs to collect else they become ‘full’
  • There will be packs available to buy every 10 levels you clear. There’s only 2 options here, either buy the most expensive pack (money), or don’t spend at all (don’t buy the gems one). F2Ps can ignore.

2. Member Training

Once you hit about evolution red, don’t you ever feel like it takes forever just to level up one unit at that stage? How will you ever have the stamina to level all your other units?!

Well that’s why this new system is sooooo helpful as it can help to ‘boost’ your selected units to a certain level (called the Average Level) without you having to evolve them.

Over here you select 8 Group Leaders, where the average level of the 8 will be calculated (use SSRs ONLY! Rarity affects). Skill levels are also averaged.

Then choose your units that you want to be boosted, called the Group members (up to 16 of them). All slots need to be unlocked by spending gems, which slowly increases, 100 > 150 > 200 etc.

Look at my Lv20 PPP become Lv 92 instantly!

Because of this artificial boost, awakening and limit break restrictions will also be affected (eg if you needed lv40 to limit break past 5, now you can!).

Benefits: Boosts all Group Members to the average level, and upgrade system that you can upgrade the additional effects of skills and passive (basically the numbers in brackets beside your skill damage and HP, eg ATK(+9320))


  • Recommended to use SSRs only, as SRs and below will drop the average level
  • Recommended to use 2 of each class (eg 2 Espers, 2 Duelist, 2 Hi-Tech, 2 Grappler) of the highest possible level in order to maximise the average skill levels of the group leaders since skill books are limited
    • However at the start, you may just select your highest levelled SSR units, then gradually change and adjust your team to optimise the unit and skill levels over time
  • Huge gold sink so be prepared
  • When you change group members, there’s a cooldown of 24hrs before you can put another unit (you can spend gems to reset)

3. Type Training

Here you use materials gained from team exploration for an upgrade system.

Benefits: Upgrade system that you can upgrade your units.

You gain speed for that class every time you upgrade.

After 5 levels of upgrade (the green bars), you get a technology crystal. This is required to upgrade a skill tree similar to Saitama’s Talent. Examples are ATK%, HP% and more. Do note that these are all class specific!

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