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Pretty simple event with great rewards!

  • Clear stages in Street Patrol (to stage 10 at least)
  • Complete Quests (to Day 7 at least)
  • Challenge Boss
  • Buy Draw Tokens in shop
  • Pull Lucky Draw

Street Patrol

Clear stages to earn Quest Points (QP). Quest points will be the main currency to exchange rewards, and also buy other event tickets.

There are 2 difficulties – Normal and Hard. Clear all Normal to advance to hard

Normal – 8 VIT, 10(first time)/5 QP, Boss 10 VIT, 15(first time)/6 QP
Hard – 10 VIT, 15(first time)/6 QP, Boss 12 VIT, 20(first time)/7 QP. You also get a bag of 6 so you get 13 QP in total from the second time.

Once cleared you can sweep the stages, sweep the last boss of Hard.

Mall Bargain

The mall is pretty interesting this time because the good rewards are locked behind some kind of condition that you must first fulfil.

Section A – Open
Section B – Clear Stage 10 of Peaceful Street
Section C – Claim Day 7 of Checklist Rewards

Another interesting thing is that you can also buy Boss Tokens and Draw Tokens.

Boss Tokens – Challenge Boss
Draw Tokens – Used in Shopping Street Draw

Don’t forget you can also buy more Quest Points from the Mall Packs (108 gems for 30 Quest Points)

Priority List

Must get

  • BS
  • BT
  • Draw tokens
  • Superb Voucher

Nice to have

  • UR Omnishards
  • Ascend/Parts Supply Ticket
  • Mastery mats
  • Figurine base

To-Do List

Just clear quests for more Quest Points! Also, you’ll need to clear up till Day 7 if you want to unlock Section C in the shop.

Long-Lost Battle

The usual Boss Challenge.

There are 2 difficulties
Normal – Can only use SR, R and N units
Serious – Can only use SSR, SSR+ and UR units (must clear Normal at least 2x)

You’ll get 2 free tickets daily, and more from completing the quests. You can also buy more from the shop.

For Normal line-up, you can use Dr Genus core for his clones to tank the front. With Weaken debuff on Boss, Dr Genus can even tank the boss directly while healing himself. This lets your backline attack for the whole 10 rounds. You’ll want to have Shatter and Injury on as well to maximize damage.

The line-up I used –
Back: Beast King, Amai, Golden Ball
Front: Fubuki(Hellish Blizzard), Dr Genus (core) in mid to tank, Fukegao

With this setup, you can get Injury, Shatter and Corrode (depending on Fukegao basic crit) right at the first round. Genus heals himself to tank, while Fubuki provides him with more shields from her basic. Fukegao also grants Weaken debuff to boss from his passive. Just make sure your GB/Amai goes first to kickstart the debuffs.

You can probably try out Bakuzan’s core as well but as a unit himself doesn’t bring much to the table imo.


There will be buffs to obtain (similar with Forbidden Zone) with Buff coins, which you will get some every time you challenge the boss.
For the same buff only the highest will apply.
Only 3 unique buffs can be used at one time. Recommended to get ATK boost, berserk etc. You can also experiment with the damage reflect.

And of course there’s Damage ranking with rank rewards.

For personal dmg

Normal – Reach 418660000 for Sigil Box IV
Serious – Reach ??? for Sigil Box V and VI (2 separate rewards; dmg unknown at this point)

For ladder ranking, there’s some nice goodies if you can hit the top.

Normal – Frame, very cool badge, lots of gems and an orange figurine base!
Serious – Frame, very cool badge, Orange gear shards and SACs

Shopping Street Draw

Just a lucky draw! There looks to be a cap on each item, so max drawing everything would be 24 Draws.

Each draw costs 5 Draw Tokens, so max draw would be 24×5=120 Draw tokens.

You can only buy a max of 60 Draw Tokens from mall, so you need 60×12=720 Quest Points.

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