• HP – Hit points, your life. Scales with most tank abilities.
  • DEF – Defense. Useless at this point in time because there are no skills, abilities or passive that scales or synergizes with DEF.
  • ATK – Attack is the base that scales with most skills.
    • ATK% increases your ATK –> abilities take x% of your ATK to deal as dmg. Eg, your ATK is 100k, you have +5% ATK on your gear. your gear changes your total ATK to 105k, and then to calculate your damage your 105k ATK is multiplied further by the ability multiplier.
  • SPD – Speed, highest speed goes first.
  • Crit – Crit rate; determines the chances of triggering a critical
  • Crit DMG – Determines the critical DMG when triggering a critical
  • Block Rate – Determines the chances of blocking an enemy attack
  • Block – Determines how much of the enemy damage is being blocked in the event of a block
  • Hit – Increases the chance to trigger skill effects, eg Corrode, Burn, Injury etc.
  • Res – Resist, the opposite of Hit. Increases the chance to resist the enemy’s skill effects
  • DMG Rate/DMG Free – DMG Rate determines your total damage output (DMG free is the opposite) and this is a very basic formula (when adding crit, and other stuff it gets more complicated):
    • skill DMG x (1+DMG Rate/1+enemie’s DMG free)
    • DMG Rate multiplies your damage after the ATK has gone through. Eg, you deal 150k damage from a skill, + 30k from injury etc, DMG rate multiplies all this dmg by its % multiplier
    • Does not buff Extra DMG or Dmg reflect
    • Does not affect King as his skills “do not deal dmg” but it’s his passive that does dmg as extra DMG based on ATK. Better to stack ATK.
  • Ult DMG – Increases ultimate DMG
  • Ult Res – Decreases ultimate DMG taken from enemy
  • Heal Rate – Increases healing amount
  • Crush Rate – Reduces the chance for your attacks to be blocked
  • Crit Res Rate – Decreases chance to be critically hit by enemies

    This is the full damage calculation formula (by depression), don’t know how accurate or correct is it but still worth to look at:

(Ability damage * (1- crit rate%) * (damage rate% + berserk%) + ability damage * (crit rate%) * ( crit damage + damage rate%+ berserk%) ) * ( 1+ club boss damage boost%) * ( 1/(1 + damage free% – shatter%)) + additional damage

DMG Rate/Free info credits: galinte, depression, insanica, and more at OPMTS Global Discord. Contact me if I missed your credit, or if you spot any incorrect info or errors.

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