honor battle


  • Do your 5 placement matches
  • Use your 10 challenge chances daily
  • Claim rewards
  • Resets weekly on Mon


This is a new PVP system that just launched on 27 Oct 2022 in SEA. Basically it’s similar to Apex Clash, but the rewards are great!


  • Every season contains 4 weeks
  • Week 1 – Preview
  • Week 2, 3 – Challenge
  • Week 4 – Truce


honor battle
  • Access from main city (beside Arena)
  • 8 Divisions – different requirements
    • Primary Division: 0-6.49M BP
    • Intermediate Zone: 6.49M-11.49M BP
    • Advanced Division: 11.49M-20.99M BP
    • Elite Division: 20.99M-35.99M BP
    • Fighter Division: 35.99M-55.99M BP
    • Brave Division: 55.99M-77.99M BP
    • Elite Division: 77.99M-104.99M BP
    • Honor Zone: 104.99M+ BP
  • For every season, 5 placement battles required before formal matches. Primary tier is determined by the total scores of the 5 placement battles. These look to be against War Zone Guards (computer), so you should win easily
  • There will be seasonal themes, which basically grant special perks during battle
  • Winning the 1st battle (highest BP) will grant more score as compared to winning in Battles 2 and 3
    • Battle 1 Win: 9 points
    • Battle 2 Win: 6 points
    • Battle 3 Win: 3 points
  • Doing a challenge will consume your chances, regardless of win or lose
  • Chances recover daily, can accumulate until Sun, and it resets at 5AM Mon
  • You may purchase extra chances with gems, at an incremental rate
    • Buy first chance: 30 gems
    • 2-3: 60 gems each
    • 4-5: 120 gems each
    • 6 onwards: 200 gems each
    • Purchase resets on Mon, so if you’re buying, the best ‘bang-for-buck’ would be buy 5 chances (390 gems total)
    • You can however buy a max of 50 chances for 9390 gems if you’re a whale
  • There are Weekly Rewards, Tier Rewards and Season Rewards to claim simply by just playing. Not much you can do if you’re F2P, as it’s really a whale’s game if you intend to climb.
Doing your placement grants you great free rewards!


  • The 3 currencies used are
    • Orange medal (Superb honor medal)
    • Purple medal (Rare honor medal)
    • Blue medal (honor medal)
  • Tons of great rewards to exchange! Must gets:
  • Orange medal section:
    • Sigil Box VII
    • Red Sketch Fragment Box
    • Honor Tactic Chest
  • Purple medal section:
    • Superb Voucher
    • Refinement Card
    • Sigil Box VI
    • Orange tactic SAC
    • Refinement Supply token
    • RND Orange Tactic Box
    • Red Sketch Fragments
  • Blue medal section:
    • Sigil Box IV
    • SAC
    • Tactic Voucher
    • Tactic Frames
    • Purple tactic SAC
    • Tactic boxes
    • Saitaima Figure! (for collectors)


  • When you challenge, you’re able to see the line-up of the opponent. Based on this info, you can adjust your line-up to use the correct counters, or spread out your good units if able.
    • Example if opponent team 1 and 2 is not so strong, you can put your main units in team1 and put CK+ in team 2 with Bomb core, that should secure you 2 wins
    • Since the team 3 of opponent is usually the weakest, you can manually put your team3 to use Bomb core with ATT and VM, so you would have a high chance to win. You have to manipulate the BP to be the lowest though, so you have to put crap units for the other slots etc
  • Although you can’t change the order like Dojo, you can manually adjust the BP of your teams to switch the order since Highest BP goes first.
  • It is advised to play manual for best results if possible. Don’t skip !
  • If you are losing, you can force close the app and restart, and your chances will not be used

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