In June 2021, CN Servers introduced a new type of unit known as the SSR+. Basically, it’s an enhanced version of existing SSRs, and really ‘awakens’ it to a whole new level. So far all the SSR+ units have been overwhelmingly powerful in their own way, and it’s as if all of them are too good to be skipped. But what about the odds of obtaining them? Let’s find out!

NOTE: With the exception of SSR+ Bakuzan as it is a ‘free’ SSR+ at the debut as long as you complete all the event quests. It is advised to NOT fuse Bakuzan and keep the Monster stones for other better SSR+.


  • Yes still use BT
  • Min draw 120 BT
  • Max draw unlimited


To get an SSR+, you just need the following below:

  • Base character
  • 4x Evolution Stones
  • 1x Awakening Stone

Base Character

This is basically, the normal SSR version of the SSR+ you’re pulling. Eg if pulling CE SSR+, then you will need to have the normal SSR CE.

Evolution Stones (ES)

These evolution stones are type specific – meaning Hero (eagle) or Monster (wolf). Obviously they must match the type of the SSR+ that you’re pulling, so if you want to get SSR+ CK, then you’ll need Monster stones.

You’ll need 4 of these to unlock all 4 ‘pictures’.

The great thing about these stones is that you can save and use them for future SSR+ units as long as they match the unit type. So in a way when you gamble, you’re not really ‘wasting’ BTs as long as you hit certain milestones (more on that later) to obtain the stones, which can be used in future.

ssr+ evolution stone
ssr+ evolution stone

Awakening Stone (AS)

This stone is character specific which means you cannot save it for future use for other units unlike the evolution stones (except maybe for the same unit return banner). So for example if we are pulling SSR+ CK, then we’ll need CK Awakening Stone. You can see their face in the stone. This one is a pure circle, whilst the evolution stones are octagons, so it’s easy to tell them apart.

Granted, you only need 1 to obtain it but if you want to level up the awakening passive, you need 2 more! (and 3 Evolution)

ssr+ awakening stone


Alright sounds easy enough, how do I get those stones though?

Firstly, you still need the same old Black Ticket for pulling.

If you don’t have the normal version of the SSR, it will be available in the banner as the unit with a rate-up. The first SSR+ you pull will have an 80% chance to be the normal version. The second SSR will be 100%, so those are pretty good chances.

For the stones, there are 2 main ways to get them:

  • Guaranteed
    • After pulling BTs a certain number of times, you can obtain the stones from the event rewards
      • Evolution stones: 50, 120, 180
      • Awakening stone: 180
      • Either: For every 80 pulls, you will be guaranteed either stone (it’s a 50-50 chance). If you happen to draw any stones within 80 pulls, the counter will reset back to 0.
      • Example: If I use 50 BTs (counter is 50/80) and if I get a stone on my 51st pull, the counter will reset back to 0/80.
  • Gacha
    • Each BT pull will have a low chance (2%) to also pull evolution/awakening stones
Get guaranteed stones from event rewards
You can keep track of your counter here.
As you can see the stones are also in the pool, at a 2% rate.


I guess that’s the question everyone came here for. If you want a TLDR version, the lowest is 120 BT, the highest is over 180 BT (unlimited, can be 260, 340, 420, 500, etc in counts of 80).

Lowest BT scenario

  • You pull 120 BTs
  • You get 2 ES and 1 AS (can be from BT pulls, and/or the 80-counter reward)
  • You get the last 2 ES from the events reward (at 50 and 120 pulls)

Average/Normal BT scenario

  • You pull 180 BTs
  • You get 1 ES and 1 AS (can be from BT pulls, and/or the 80-counter reward)
  • You get the last 3 ES and 1 AS from the events reward (3 ES at 50, 120 and 180 pulls, 1 AS at 180 pulls)
  • You have 1 extra AS

Highest BT scenario

  • You pull 180 BTs
  • You only get 2 AS (can be from BT pulls, and/or the 80-counter reward) – remember the 80-counter is a 50-50 chance so if you’re unlucky you can keep getting AS only
  • You get the last 3 ES and 1 AS from the events reward (3 ES at 50, 120 and 180 pulls, 1 AS at 180 pulls)
  • You now have 3 ES and 3 AS (lol) and are missing 1 last ES
  • You can now either stop or continue pulling to try for the last ES (either by 2% gacha, or the 80-counter reward which is also a 50-50 gacha), which is why there is no limit to how many BT you need to spend if you keep getting AS only
  • For F2Ps, STOP at 180 pulls, suck thumb and just wait for the return banner. This is not the most ideal since you don’t get the SSR+ at its debut, but at least you won’t waste BTs and will get the event rewards for the next banner (the 50, 120, 180 rewards)


You’ll need 3 ES and 2 AS to upgrade to level 2.
For F2Ps, some may argue it’s not worth it to Awaken 2 due to the high BT cost (and luck) involved, and believe that having multiple SSR+ AWK1 is better. And if you want to AWK2, some believe in pulling in the comeback banner – Now there are pros and cons to this, pro being you get the banner rewards, but con is the AWK2 unit comes 3 months late and its potential and lifespan is already decreased if you had AWK2 from its debut.

Regardless, I don’t have an opinion on this, you do you. If you purely do PVE or just like to pull your favourite characters, go ahead!


Once you have all the stones, simply go to the normal version of the SSR, you’ll see the option to upgrade it. Click there, use up all your stones and congratulations!




On Jun 2023, 2 years of SSR+ later, CN finally released the very first UR unit – Tatsumaki.

The good news is that, it’s pretty much exactly the same as SSR+. It’s still using 4 Evo stones and 1 Awakening stone, and still requires BT to pull. The only change is that now we need the UR evo stones (red color) instead of the orange ones we have. Hence you have to use up all your SSR+ stones. There is an option to convert 2 SSR+ Stones into 1 UR stone, but at this time I’m not sure if that’s a one-time thing during the UR event, or you can exchange anytime.

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