• Use up your keys by clearing PVE stages in Crescent Tower
  • Slot in the cards you collected in the Tactic Labs
  • When you have more cards and time, optimize the tactic skills activation for your lineup
  • Ascend cards with special tactic ascension cards
  • As you need both Hero and Monster team to clear Crescent Tower, it’s important to plan for your team lineup now, in terms of which SSR+ you’re pulling. You can’t just focus on Monster team now, as you will be far behind in terms of PVE content and the potential rewards that you will miss.


This is a new PVE system that just launched on 27 Oct 2022 in SEA, and helps you to increase BP for your team. The ‘buff system’ is called Tactic Lab, while the gameplay for farming the resources is called Crescent Tower (similar to Emblem and Mirage Trials). This mode encourages you to build up both Hero and Monster teams evenly as you will need both of them to clear a single floor.


  • Monthly challenge with 120 floors to climb across Upper and Lower Crescent (60 floors each)
  • The challenge period is exactly 30 days, after which it will reset


  • Access from Exploration > Train > Crescent Tower
  • Everyday you get 6 keys at 5AM – can store up to a cap of 120 keys
  • You need 1 key to challenge – will not be consumed if battle loss, so just keep trying and experimenting with different lineups!
  • There are 2 difficulties – Upper and Lower, which you can switch between anytime
    • Each difficulty will have extra feature which you can view on the Feature at top right
  • For each challenge, there are 2 matches
    • First match – can only use Heroes / Martial Artists
    • Second match – can only use Monsters / Outlaws
  • Aim for the highest floors you can clear for both difficulties as they have their own individual clear rewards


  • Access from main menu > Skill > Tactic
  • Here you will see 6 different categories – Hero, Monster, Duelist, Grappler, Hi-Tech and Esper
    • You can place up to 8 Tactic Cards and Frames in each category, with each card and frame providing various buffs.
    • You can move the cards around as you wish, depending on what you’re doing. Eg if you’re trying to clear a Monster side HxM, then you can ‘pump’ your cards in Monster etc.
  • The cards will have different numbers, you can see I, II, II and IV on the card. The number they have represents what slot they can go in (eg Tactic Card II can only go into Slot II)
  • Matching all 4 slots in a row will activate the special tactic skill. For example in the image above, you can see that by slotting all 4 ‘Still’ cards, I will activate the ‘Still’ Tactic Skill, and this will apply +HP% to my Hero units, as the cards are in the Hero category.
    • If you click on any card, you can see the Tactic skill at the bottom of the description in the grey box
  • You can level up the cards through Ascension
    • The star level and quality of the tactic skill will be the same as the lowest quality and level in the 4 cards
    • When tactic skill reaches Orange 5 stars, it transforms into Special Tactic
    • Orange Tactic Card of high star-level can be transferred to a low star level of the same skill and part. The low star level will be replaced by high level, and the original card reset to 0 star.
  • Only 1 set same tactic can be placed in Tactic lab. For example, if you equip Cruel skill on Monster, you can’t equip another Cruel set on Hero. So you will have to choose carefully which skill goes to which slot. Because of this, you will eventually have 12 unique tactic skills that you can equip.
  • Since you can only equip one unique skill at a time, you may use up the extra cards by ascending the existing cards. Eg, if you have many Cruel III cards, you can just ascend the card as you cannot equip another Cruel set.
  • Additionally if you slot in all matching cards (eg all hero type of that card), you will get additional buffs.

Tactic Album

  • Basically it’s like a card collection, for all owned cards you will get Album points (duplicate don’t affect). As you can see there’s a whole load of cards to collect, at 72 cards in each category!
  • As you collect more cards and obtain more points, you can get Album rewards
  • At Album Points 200, the Exchange Store opens, where you can exchange Frame loops and the star thingy for items.

How To Obtain More Cards?

  • Do Crescent Tower
  • Use up Tactic Vouchers in the Tactic supply
    • You can buy vouchers in the mall under ‘Daily’, at 150gems per voucher
    • You can buy the Tactic Supply Life card to get 1 voucher for free everyday. (under Bonus menu where you claim your daily stamina)
  • Probably will appear as rewards in events in future

Tactic Skills

  • Assault: +ATK%
  • Still: +HP%
  • Defense: +DEF%
  • Rapid: +SPD%
  • Assist: +Assist buff%
  • Combat: +Drain Rate%
  • All Hurt: +DMG Reflect%
  • Heal: +Heal Effect%
  • Tenacity: +Shield Rate%
  • Damaged: +Berserk Reflect%
  • Chance: Grants X energy when battle begins
  • Passion: Grants X energy after action
  • Flow: Recovers X% Max HP after action
  • Cruel: Deals Follow-up by DMG equals to X% of ULT skill after action of an ally, and energy gauge -Y, once per round
  • Burst: After Distorted Field releases, deals follow-up by DMG equals to X% of ULT skill, and energy gauge -Y
  • Revive: After Distorted Field releases, recover HP by X% Max HP


  • The cards slotted will immediately apply to the respective units in the category. Eg if you activate Cruel tactic skill for Heroes category, then only Heroes will do the follow-up. The buffs will only apply to units in your lineup, so if you have more monsters than heroes, it will be better to put the Cruel card slots in Monster. Then all Monsters will activate the skill. Or you can go by class type, if you have 2 Espers and 4 Grapplers in geryu+ core, you can put in Grappler, that way 4 Grapplers will follow-up!
    • You will notice your BP won’t rise much if you don’t have that particular category of unit in your lineup, eg if you don’t have Hi-Tech in your lineup, adding cards in Hi-Tech category won’t do anything.
  • As a start, you should always prioritise obtaining/equipping Cruel and Burst set first, as these will literally change your gameplay and will help a ton in PVE and bossing. Once you have those, you can start focusing on others or whatever you have.
    • Cruel and Burst should go in the slot where your main team has the most units (eg if your main team has 5 monsters, then put in Monster)
    • Rapid – Put in Duelist or Esper, depending on your speedster (Sonic or KING)
    • The rest of the stuff you can mix and match, based on their synergy. Eg, you can put Heal and Flow on Hero for AS+ healing. Or Still in Grappler for HP boost, as most tanks are grappler (eg CK+, Gouketsu+, TTM+)
  • Do Lower Crescent first as it provides better orange rewards
  • Save up your Tactic Voucher, as most likely there will be Rate-UPs in future, as with every other ticket

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