A reliable way to get limit-break badges isBoss Challenge
After exam, the hero guiding new recruits was Snek
Amai mask is a hero and a famoussinger
Chances for gifting Character Shards each day3x
Chances for gifting Memory Shards each day3x
Daily chances to accept Club  Quests for free5x
Daily free chance for each Boss Challenge3x
Daily free chances for normal club challenge3x
Deep Sea King in Conqueror’s Challenge is onMon/Thur/Sun
Free Extreme Training chances each day3x
Golden Ball & Spring Mustachio meet in City ZKonbu Infinity
Honor items in Mall’s Groceries refresh onMon
In which city is Saitama’s home located?City Z
Mosquito Girl’s threat level isDemon
Number of daily Club Exploration chances3x
Relationship between Tanktop Blackhole and TigerBrothers
Sky King unlocks in Conqueror’s Challenge on Tues/Fri/Sun
Subterranean King Conqueror’s Challenge is onWed/Sat/Sun
Team limit for challenging Unnatural Disaster3
The name of institute founded by Doctor GenusHouse of Evolution
What does Saitama’s watering can look like?Elephant
What is the name of Mumen Rider’s bicycle?Justice
What kind of plant does Saitama have in his home?Cactus
Where did Saitama hit Sonic in 1st encounter?Below the belt
Which class was Saitama  assigned after exam?Class-C Hero
Which is not a monster threat level?Bear level
Which is not from th e House of Evolution?Crablante
Which is not part of Hero Association ExamSwimming
Who did not fight against Deep Sea King?Metal Knight
Who did not fight against Melzargard?Drive Knight
Who founded the House of Evolution?Doctor Genus
Who invented Biceps King to transform humans?Fukegao
Who is not a member of the Blizzard Bunch?Allback-man
Who is not among top 3 Dark Matter Thieves?Carnage Kabuto
Who is the rumored Strongest Man on Earth?King
Who transformed Genos into a cyborg?Doctor Kuseno
Who was once a disciple of Silverfang?Charanko
You can challenge in Conqueror’s Challenge3

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