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Not everyone may have the same spending capacity or luck, but everyone has the same base capacity to obtain the max free diamonds available, so it’s important you know how to spend them in the most efficient way.


Credits: BosAyam

BosAyam did some great work already in his video, so I will leverage on that for this part. Do check out his video and channel for more useful info!

Early Game (Lv 1 – 80)

I agree with everything here except that I still believe Shuriken Pack is a must to buy. It’s important to start saving them ASAP especially for a F2P, the main gate is not so much diamonds but the monthly limit of 2, so that already sets you back at least 12 months to get 70 BS (excluding events). Hence, start early!

Personally I don’t buy any BT/Supply Card packs, always save gems for KS events if you’re missing the important ones (namely CK, TT, TTM, Grori, etc)

Mid/Late Game (>Lv 80)

By now you should have most of the important KS, but it’s important to still have a stash of gems in case we get some nice KS in the claw machines. Recently there was G4 and Boros KS inside, so you definitely don’t want to miss those!

At this stage, you probably want to buy VIT a lot to spend on Nightmare CC for buff gears. Also, the thing gating you from most progress/content right now would be your level (to further evolve units, or do higher tiers of NCC or Daily Challenges etc), hence you may want to continue buying stam 4x. Also remember to do all your daily quests to get the max daily XP!

Personally I did Arena 10x for a while for the free omni shard, it’s the same cost as buying a Grori shard except you can use it on any unit, PLUS you get all the extra arena reward goodies. But it was getting too taxing on my gems, so I stopped to save for other more important things (like Claw Machine etc)

Also, buff gears will be one of the main BP contributors in future, so if you can afford to spare some gems to “wash your gears”, you’ll also need to start stocking up on Buff Gear Skill Locks, mainly due to the fact that they’re time gated as well, 5x per week.

As a last tip, always buy the Shuriken Pack at the end of the month, in case the devs throw out any time-sensitive event during the first 1-2wks that has good rewards. Then you will have enough gems for that event, and enough time to save up more gems until end of month again to buy the packs. Just don’t forget to buy them before the month ends!


Last updated: 20 Sep 2021


  1. Daily Quests: 120 gems
  2. Daily FB Share: 50 gems
  3. Daily Watch ads: 250 gems
  4. Saitama Mission: 30 gems
  5. Club Activity: 50-60 gems (seems to vary depending on club lvl/lvl?)
  6. Home Request: 50 gems
  7. Arena (Diamond): 200+ gems
  8. Tournament: 50 gems
  9. Live Clash: 100 gems
  10. Parties: 30-250gems
  11. Endless Battle Zone: 50gems (Battle 10x) (for Tues-Sat only)

Total: 850+ gems


  1. Saitama Investigation: 10-100 gems depending on how many you do
  2. Club Contest (Tues/Thu/Sat): 60+gems each, 180+ gems total
  3. Tournament reward (weekly): 400 gems
  4. Endless Battle Zone (weekly): 50-350 gems (depending on trophies gained)

Total: 680-980++ gems (average say about 830)

Weekly: (850+x7) + 830 = 7380++ gems

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