OPM The strongest gear guide

Credits to Icrine, Mikha, Idris, galinte from OPM SG Discord for certain info.

For Red Gear info, please click here.

Gear Description

Formal: Takes whatever debuffs on the target AFTER the turn ends, and “transfers” it to the enemy in the same column.

Knight: Knight is the “AOE” gear; deals 30% additional “extra type” damage to all targets that received damage from the skill; if hitting 2 targets, 10% extra dmg, if hitting 3 targets, 20%, if 4 targets, 30%. The MAIN target (the one you click on) gets double of this; so 30% to all targets and 60% to the one you click on is the max damage.

Swordsman: Same as knight set, but without the bonus double damage to the main target you click on.

Primal: Deals 30% additional damage to all enemies in the same column (vertical) of the target you CLICKED. Mainly used for single target skills like boros and amai ultimates. Additionally, the target you clicked also takes ANOTHER 30% damage (for a total of 60% additional damage)

Lightning: Shitty version of primal without the bonus 30% to the main target.

Suit: GRANTS 20% damage reflect (not increases!) to the wearer, meaning that 20% of any damage dealt to the suit wearer will be reflected back. This is completely different from Carnage Passive (unrelated!), and also DOES NOT STACK WITH DEEP SEA KING CORE REFLECT! Also grants 10% healing after action taken that counts towards Dr Genus passive and Dr Genus core +2 energy. Don’t dismantle your suits, throw them on all your low lvls for Institute.

Casual: 10% healing after action. Used to be a good set, now mostly obselete thanks to Suit.

Gangster: 35% bonus damage on basic attacks (NOT ultimates!) but also affects follow-up attacks, making it good on Beast King and some other potential niche builds in future (flashy flash, garou…)

Scholar: Blocks trigger a self heal that’s a percentage of the damage received. Not very useful in current meta except to trigger Dr Genus buff and also has a weird use case on smile man.

Martial Arts/Battle/Monk: Self-explanatory

Prisoner: Prisoner gear multiplies all dmg done during the atk for injury, shatter, berserk and crit dmg by 1.15x. Prisoner is good for AOE units with 5 hits >100% atk such as AS and Tatsu along with sky king passive. The 1.15x dmg boost is triggered by crit (has to crit each target once for it to work). It is difficult to get a good prisoner set, so it is best to stick to knight set, pls use it on the recommended characters if you get it in live clash though.

Gunner (Upgraded Prisoner): Triggering a critical hit increases all types of damage by 15% and your ATK increases by 8%.

Magic (Upgraded Scholar): Triggering a block restores HP equal to 10% of damage taken and your HP increases by 8%.

Flash (Upgraded Monk): Increase Drain Rate (Lifesteal) by 10%, and increase the speed by 10%

Gear Guide

Sets in order of priority, first one is the best.

  • CK – HP+HP%. Suit/Casual/Battle/Scholar
  • BK – ATK+ATK%. Gangster
  • GB – ATK+ATK% or +SPD. Knight/Swordsman/Prisoner/Martial Arts
  • AM – ATK+ATK%. Primal/Lightning/Martial Arts
  • Alloy – HP+HP%. Suit/Casual/Battle/Scholar
  • HB – ATK+ATK% or +SPD. Knight/Swordsman/Prisoner/Martial Arts
  • DSK – HP+HP%. Suit/Primal/Lightning/Casual/Battle/Scholar
  • TT – ATK+ATK% or +CRIT or +SPD. Prisoner/Knight/Swordsman/Martial Arts
  • PPP – ATK+ATK%. Primal/Lightning/Martial Arts
  • STK – ATK+ATK%. Knight/Swordsman/Gangster/Martial Arts
  • TTM – HP+HP%. Primal/Suit/Battle
  • CE – ATK+SPD/HP+SPD. Formal/Monk
  • VM – HP+HP%. Suit/Battle
  • AS – ATK+ATK% or +SPD. Knight/Swordsman/Prisoner/Martial Arts
  • Groribas – ATK+SPD. Formal
  • Boros – ATK+ATK%. Primal
  • Garou – ATK+ATK% or SPD. Gangster/Suit
  • King – ATK+ATK% or SPD. Knight/Swordsman/Monks
    • Crit/Crit dmg/DMG rate does nothing for King as his damage is fixed by his passive as Extra Damage. Yes he can crit but crits for 1dmg. Best paired with damage multipliers like SK or Genus passive.
  • MK – ATK+SPD, 1Hit. Formal
  • Silverfang – HP+HP%. Suit
  • MB – HP+HP%. Suit
  • Flashy – ATK+SPD. Monk
  • ZBM – ATK+ATK%. Primal/Suit
  • Gouketsu – ATK+SPD. Knight
  • SSR Genos – HP CRIT/CRIT DMG/SPD/HP% – Prisoner/Knight (Knight scales with ATK so not so ideal for Genos)
  • Phoenix – HP+HP%. Primal
  • Gyoro – Can go ATK or HP. ATK/SPD Knight, HP/SPD Suit
  • RMG Scarlet – ATK+ATK%/SPD. Gangster/Primal


If you didn’t know already, you can dismantle your lesser gears, or revert levelled gears you are no longer using to get back gold, gear cards and SACs, at a small gem cost. Do revert and dismantle gears you are no longer using.

Where do I find more gears?

  • Conqueror’s Challenge
  • Unnatural disaster
  • Club contest rewards
  • Club boss rewards
  • Fusing gear shards
  • Mall
  • Events

Gear Upgrade Cost

StarsSAC Cost (Purple Gear)SAC Cost (Orange Gear)

KS/Insignia Upgrade Cost

StarsSACKS/Insignia ItemCrystalCrystal Core

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