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This is a Club vs Club game mode, so it is 100% mandatory to participate if you want to stay in a top club because it’s a team effort. Not participating usually results in a kick!

  • Tues – Normal Division
  • Thurs – Elite Division
  • Sat – Epic Division (finals)
  • Starts at 8AM, “closes” at 830PM where the results will start to tally
  • Club Chief or Deputies can sign up the club on Mon, Wed Fri (but only Mon signup can advance to the Finals)
  • Club with highest medal score wins
  • You get SSR and Badge shard chests in both personal and division rewards. Free shards are always good, and you should participate to get the best rewards.


  • Walk around the map to complete objectives:
    • Collect resources like diamonds, gold and chests
    • Help the NPCs
    • Attacking minions
    • Attacking bosses
    • Register in facilities
    • Occupy buildings
    • See map below for reference. It’s good to plan out your route before starting, based on where your base is at and where are the bosses
  • Each “step” costs 1 Action Point, which you can see at the top. You start with 150 APs, and you get more as you collect resources, help NPCs or kill minions. You should not need to spend any to get 44+ medals on Tues/Thur if you walk properly. You can spend 25gems once to get more APs if needed, especially on Sat.
  • Usually the challenge tickets are saved and only used on Sat for the Finals (depends on your club)
    • Monster ticket to attack Monster Bosses (VM and CK)
    • Hero ticket to attack Hero Bosses (AS and SF)
    • Each boss defeated will give 500 medals
  • Donate resources gathered to buff your Club’s units under Contest Enhancements (usually on Sat only). Choose the type wisely, most will level Grappler to Lv3-4. Not many useful monster duelists so you can ignore that, etc.
  • Donate “USBs” or segments to Club Vault to open vault
    • Vault has many rewards, including Club Gear (Suit/Primal/Knight) and more challenge tickets
    • It depends on how often your club wants to open it. Some open only on Sat, some open twice each day
  • Occupy the buildings around the map to grant buffs to your club. If they’re already occupied, you can try to plunder and takeover but do note that you will be teleported back to base if you fail
  • Register in facilities to compete with the enemy clubs
    • Each facility rewards 1500 medals if owned, except Research gives 2000 medals.
    • Highest number of wins will win the facility
    • Hence it’s important to strategize with your club and assign the slots. If the enemy has their whales concentrated in Research, then it might make more sense to spread out the other 3 (Training, Labs, Power Plant) and winning them will give you 1500×3.
    • At 830PM, the tally will start and you have about 10mins to prepare and swap positions with your club mates if required (within the same facility only). Both need to be online to swap.
  • WIN CONDITION: Club with the highest medal score wins. So it will tally all your club members personal medals, medals from boss wins, and medals from facility wins.
Donate materials to buff unit type
Donate segments to open Club Vault!
Occupy buildings to gain bonuses!
Use your challenge tickets here by attacking the bosses


credits Minh Tran @maxiechen

Suggested routes

credits Discord S7 Club SG
credits Discord S7 Club SG


  • Always kill VM and AS first, then attempt SF and CK as those are much harder to down
  • If you leave and join other clubs, you lose all your USB segments
  • Most clubs aim for 45 medals on Tues, 45 on Thurs, and 100+ (all-in) on Sat.
  • Some do 80/80/100+ if your club is super active and you can open club vault twice each day
  • Everyone should come online at 830PM to discuss (in-game or other messaging app) and swap if required
  • If you know you can plunder and win a building successfully, you might want to wait until just before 830PM to takeover, so the enemy won’t have enough time to respond and get it back
  • The max number of participants depend on your club lvl (eg, 40 members at lv 11), so work on levelling your club too to increase your member count
  • After getting familiar with the routes, the whole normal run (Tues/Thu) should only take you about 15-30mins max. If you’re super busy on that day, the least you could do is to register at any facility and grab whatever resources you see on the way. Inform your club if you’re busy or you cannot do contest on that day.
  • On Sat, my club opens vault 3x so I like to park myself at a boss halfway while waiting for 3 vaults to open. After 3rd vault (5pm), then I will use all my tickets on the boss I’m at. This way I don’t waste action points walking from boss to boss every time I get more challenge tickets

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