OPM The Strongest mall packs

We may all have different rosters and different character pulls, but one thing is common is that we all have the same base resources available to us. And how you spend your currency and resources will determine whether you are ahead or behind everyone!

So I’m going to explain what to buy and what not to buy!


You can buy the medals if you have lots of gold, these translate indirectly to savings in VIT since you’re not sweeping stages to get them. Don’t buy training notes.

OPM The Strongest Mall


OPM The Strongest Arena Mall


  • Gold
  • Ascend supply tokens
  • Epic vouchers
  • Badge Chest I and II

-TTM shards are great if you are levelling him, that’s why he’s cheap to level. Buy as and when you need to limit break him. He will always be there, even up till now in the CN servers, so you don’t have to rush buying it.
-SR Omni Chest is “meh”. Not good but not bad either, I don’t buy it but you can if you want to. (This will change to a SSR Omni Chest (3000points) eventually, so save up your points)

OPM The Strongest Arena Mall CN


OPM The Strongest Club Mall


  • Grappler/Hi-tech skill books
  • Insignia EXP Card III and II
  • Badge Chest I

-VM shards are optional, buy them if you’re upgrading him. Again, this doesn’t change at all, even in CN servers.
-Class-A badge you should have an abundance from saving up, no real need to buy
-Upcoming changes as per CN: Research results and notes will be available soon

OPM The Strongest Club Mall CN

Gene (Institute)

OPM The Strongest Gene Mall


  • Duelist/Esper skill books
  • Keepsake EXP Card III and II

-Never ever buy Crystal cores and Crystal[S] because you’re gonna have an abundance of these. You will always be gated by SACs, not these guys
-Demon badge is alright for certain units (like DSK), but otherwise not recommended to buy
-Badge shard box is useless
-Upcoming changes as per CN: SACs!!!! They will be available in shop for 2000 points soon. (Pffft they’re already in Japan server on the first day)

OPM The Strongest Gene Mall CN


OPM The Strongest Duel Mall


  • Gold
  • Badge Chest I

-Never ever buy the training notes because you will have an overflow at the end game (lv90 onwards), because you can’t proceed to the next hall due to level requirements
-STK shards is alright if you’re levelling him, but you shouldn’t be levelling him, period.
-Figurine base you can buy a few at the start to buff your team, but you’ll get better ones from events and rewards overtime.
-Upcoming changes as per CN: The training notes will all be condensed into one Training Notes luggage thingy for 500points, and there will be Talent packs and Sigils for sale.

OPM The Strongest Duel Mall CN

Cheer Exchange (Tournament)

OPM The Strongest Lightsticks mall

If you aren’t betting your light sticks every Saturday, then it’s time to do so because it’s your only consistent source of guaranteed badges.
Only buy the badge you’re focusing your main unit on. Eg, I always just buy Dragon Badges for my CK. You usually will have barely enough to max buy all 5 of them, so you won’t be spending on anything else.

If you’re not getting badges for some reason, you can get the gold and Sigils, but I don’t recommend that.


OPM The Strongest Gear mall

Purples start appearing at Lv60, and oranges at Lv80 (correct me if I’m wrong).

You’ll want to slowly collect Gangster and Formal pieces from the mall, because those are hard to come by, and you can only get Formal via Mall (apart from HxM rewards).

If you see an orange for gear vouchers, get it. But if it’s for 900gems, I don’t think it’s worth it. If you have spare gems, go for it.

The same goes for purple. You should stop buying purple after a certain point anyway (except Formal, unless your set is done).

You are advised to save your refresh tickets for when you hit Lv90, then you can refresh to find orange gears.

Peak Arena

OPM The Strongest Peak Arena Mall


  • SACs
  • ALL Core Power M/H
  • The remaining points you can choose to save up, or get Disk II Chest
  • KS Chest is totally up to you if you’re aiming for it. STK KS I wouldn’t recommend, PPP is still nice for certain situations like HxM

DO NOT buy the [F] shards, those are too costly and you can easily get 3 just by doing the daily extreme challenge.
-Orange/Purple gear shards are up to you


Mall Resources

OPM The Strongest mall resources

Stamina: If you’re below lv 80, I would recommend to buy stamina until you see the 90gems cost (so buy 0 > 25 > 25 > 50 > 50). This will help you to level up faster to unlock more content. Once you hit 80+, you can stop buying at 50.

Vitality: Advised to buy at least once daily cos it’s cheap for 60 vit, which you can then do talents, UD, or CC. Buy 2 times max.

Gold: Buy once for the daily quest.

Black Tickets (LSSR event only): BUY ALL 36. ALWAYS. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Don’t buy the rest.

Mall Packs

OPM The Strongest mall packs

These change a lot, so do check in once in a while for any worthwhile packs. (remember to claim the free daily lucky bag). Some of them are pretty worthwhile, some even have BTs or Black Shurikens. If you ever need certain resources (like vit, or core powers), you can get them here as well.

The rule of thumb is always spend from your surplus if buying gem packs. If you don’t have enough for upcoming BTs and KS events, then don’t buy anything here.

Real Money Packs

I don’t spend real money, but the awesome guys at Club SG Discord have come up with an Excel to compare the value of the packs here.

Training Hall

OPM The Strongest Training Hall
  • Do Train x1 to get the best stats selection. For me, as long as the total is a positive, I will save it.
  • DO NOT use gems to replace.
  • Aim to unlock the Lv3 Training Target to get the 3% boost in stats.
    • Once you have hit the Lv3, move on to the next Training Hall and repeat
      OPM The Strongest Training Hall
  • Do NOT try to aim for 100% to unlock Skill Training Hall. Firstly you’re gonna waste a lot of notes to hit 100%. Secondly the BP boosts in Skill Training is terribad. Only come back and try for 100% when ALL your available training halls are lv3.
  • Sometimes you will hit max stats before your training bonus counter is done, like the below screenshot, and you realize you cannot click Train anymore. Don’t worry, as long as you are max stats, it will count as completed training if you look at the Training Target.
OPM The Strongest Training Hall
  • Eventually you will be gated by your character level, and that will be your gate to the next Training Hall. Soooo you will have a ton of training notes to slowly use.
OPM The Strongest Training Hall

Badges/Skill books

Even if you sweep your boss challenges daily, and reset them even, you’ll find that you’ll have an excess of some, and a serious lack of some.

You’ll have the most Hi-tech badges (not a lot of useful Hi-tech units, namely CE and Genus, MK if you have). And you’ll have the least Grappler badges because a lot of the core units are grapplers, eg AM, BK, CK, DSK, Alloy, etc.

Rule of thumb is only focus a max of 4 units of the same type at once. The lesser the better.


If you have CK, invest all your badges and skill books into him until you run out of shards.
Then balance the remaining resources between AM and BK (they only need to be skill 8).
This leaves 1 more grappler unit, you can focus on that once AM/BK is settled. (eg SF, Alloy, DSK, PPP, TTM, etc)

For other core class units like Dr Genus, Sky King etc, feel free to 5* them for their passive, but you don’t have to level them or skill them up that high, 8 is fine too.

If you’ve already levelled or skilled a wrong unit, you can always use the reversion card to reverse them and get back some resources (although not recommended to as you will still need to limit break it again for the figurine).

Ascend/Parts Supply Tokens

Just do the daily free one, and save whatever tokens you have. There will be rate up events for both, like SAC Rate up for Ascend, and certain unit’s parts for the other.

Credits to JKGie for reviewing the CN server mall, you can check out this video here.

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