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Huge credits to galinte and Icrine for all the info here.

Currently there’s 4 slots of gears. This Buff Gear is akin to an additional 3 gear slots. They use up a lot of SACs as well.

Buff Gears are gears that BUFF your gears, that’s why it’s called Buff Gears. This means that for all the stat% buffs like HP+3% etc, it will only work if you have HP stats on your existing gear. Therefore it’s important to only use buff gears on your primary gear stat, and you can safely dismantle all the DEF% gear.

3 Types of Buff Gear


  • The ‘allegiance’ of the unit, eg Hero, Martial Artist, Monster, Outlaw
  • Aim for: Spd%, HP%, ATK%
  • Heroes can only use Heroes Buff cards, and so on


  • The ‘class’ of the unit, eg Duelist, Grappler, Esper, Hi-Tech
  • Aim for: Crit Rate, Block Rate, Hit%, Res%


  • The ‘rank’ of the unit, eg A-Class Hero, S-Class Hero, Demon-Level Monster, etc
  • 2 Kinds of Rolls:
    • Stats: Eg Dmg Rate, Dmg Free, Extra Dmg Rate, Extra Dmg Res, etc
    • Rare Augmentations: Extremely rare special effects
      • Eg Internal Injury now deals 5-30% of its damage to surrounding units


  • Reflect augmentation: When you have reflect buff on your unit (from suit/dsk1/talent?) reflect an additional 8 -48% attack damage of extra damage
    • Recommendations: in DSK1 or suit units with high attack values
  • Berserk augmentation: When in a berserk state, receive a 3-18% attack buff before your action
    • Recommendations: Bakuzan/ce core? possibly Boros in Gyoro core
  • Block augmentation: Heals you for 10 – 60% of the damage reduced by block
    • Recommendations: all units benefit from this, especially if you have Silverfang, he benefits the most from this
  • Normal attack augmentation: Deals an additional 10 – 60% attack damage of extra damage while using your normal attack
    • Recommendations: any unit that counters or does multiple follow up attacks such as BK, RMG, Flashy Flash, MB
  • Crit augmentation: Deals additional damage equal to 10-60% of the increase in damage from dealing a critical hit
    • Recommendations: Tatsumaki, SSR Genos, Gouketsu
  • Tenacity augmentation: When taking damage while having shields, heal back 10 – 60% of the damage done to your shield
    • Recommendations: any tenacity unit, Alloy, TTM, SF, Flashy Flash
  • Burn augmentation: Burn damage deal by this unit will deal splash damage of 5 – 30% of the burn damage to surrounding units
    • Recommendations: Phoenixman, VM, STK
  • Internal injury augmentation: Similar to burn, internal injury damage will splash to surrounding units for 5 – 30% of internal injury damage
    • Recommendations: internal injury units, Garou in particular would be very strong with this unique effect

How to get Buff Gear materials?

Farm CC Nightmare mode. You will gain both gears and buff gear materials at the same time.

Reversing Buff Gears

For Now
Reverse Price (only 80% resources will be returned)

  • 1st – 50 diamonds
  • 2nd – 100 diamonds
  • 3rd – 200 diamonds
  • 4th – 400 diamonds

Below is for further update in future For future update (few months time), there will be lock, full /partial return for resources.

Reverse Price

  • 1st – 30, 54(full)
  • 2nd -75, 135(full)
  • 3rd – 200, 360(full)
  • 4th – 300, 540(full)

Lock (to lock stats on buff gears, so that they won’t be refreshed away) 1.Diamonds-5/5 weekly (1for 200diamonds)
2.Fund-15/15 weekly (20 per lock)

2 locks – 1 stat
6 locks – 2 stats


  • For damage dealers you want all 3 buff gears main stat to be attack (of course we are assuming that the dps does damage based off attack and not Hp) and for tanks all 3 buff gears to have main stat hp. It’s okay to have a mix of substats as you can only have 3 of a single type of substat in a buff gear anyway, some hp is fine on your damage dealer, you need to survive to deal damage, but the main stat should be attack.
  • You can safely dismantle all DEF% gear since you’ll never ever use them.
  • Which brings me to the next point on refreshing stats on buff cards. I’m pretty sure that the rate of getting def on these buff gears are rigged, and you can refresh these stats away, the caveat is that the stats you get again are random and the cost to reverse the buff gear gets more and more expensive and at this point in time we don’t get a full reverse so materials will be lost when you reverse a buff gear right now.

So, a general rule of thumb is do not reverse any buff gear that’s not orange. If a purple (or lower grade) buff gear has unusable stats, it is recommended to simply dismantle it for materials instead of spending gems to reverse it.

  • Focus your SACs and buff gears on your main team first
  • Be careful when upgrading your buff card, getting speed% might screw up your speed order!
  • Between starring up your buff gears and gears, prioritise starring your buff card, unless you’re starring your gears for sub stats like hit% for a support. To choose which buff gear to use, prioritise the right main stat, then the right substats, then the quality of the buff gear (orange/purple/blue).
    • For example a blue buff gear with hp%/hp% gives better stats to your tank as compared to an orange def%/att%. I might have said to keep buff gears just in case, but i think you can just dismantle def buff gears if you get them
  • If you see an orange stats on your buff gear, its a fixed stat, which is a good thing if its a stat you need since it will stay there even if you reverse it.
  • When you upgrade/augment your buff cards, if its a decrease in a stat (yes you can get a decrease in some stats ) and you don’t keep the stats and reject it, the materials will be gone forever and you won’t get it back even if you reverse it.
    • If you have 1 bad stat or even 2 bad stats, don’t rush to reverse it, try for the third stat first (unless you are a whale then do whatever you want with your gems), there’s no guarantee for you to get good stats even after you spend gems to refresh.
    • If you have 3 bad stats, you should definitely reverse or dismantle that piece of gear.
  • You still have to do talent so depending on what gears you need, you should do nightmare mode conquerors on sky king days if you need gangster/swordsman and do talent on other days, or do nightmare mode cc on subterranean king days if you need prisoner gears.

Video guide by Icrine:

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