OPM The Strongest Saitama

Credits: Mikha, galinte (Club SG Discord)

Saitama stuff consists of:
1. Memory
2. Talent (not to be confused with the talent perfection points system)
3. Investigate
4. Quests


  1. Prioritize completing main memories first (the top row)
  2. Once the main memories are left with around 3 shards, start to work on sub memories (get the remaining from Club Exchange)
  3. Generally, don’t keep trying at one memory if you have 3 pieces left, as the chances of getting them are low. Start a new memory while requesting what you need from your club.
  4. Some important sub memories to unlock at this point of writing are 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 4-2, 8-2, 11-2, 11-3, 11-4, 12-2, 12-4

    If you have a team of grapplers (ZBM core), pls complete all the grappler memories, likewise for a team of Espers (Boros) do Esper memories. Complete the extra dmg res memories (14-4 or 16-4) ASAP to give you an advantage in PVP and club boss boros.


There are 6 levels of talent skill trees (the last one Supreme is kind of hidden, you need to scroll down).

Keep doing the minimum to advance to the next talent tree, don’t stick to the current one if you can unlock the next one.

  • Novice: Prioritise Block and Crit Rate
  • Heroic: Prioritise Block and Crit damage
  • Master: Prioritise Ult damage and Ult resistance
  • Expert: Prioritise Crit resist
  • Epic: Prioritise Damage rate and damage free
  • Supreme: Prioritise Resistance

After you’re done unlocking all the talent trees, you may choose to upgrade your talents in preferably this order:

  1. Block rate / Crit rate (novice)
  2. Ultimate damage / ultimage resistance (Master)
  3. Damage rate/ Damage free (Epic)
  4. Crush rate/ crit resist rate (Expert) / HP/attack from higher tiers


Investigate rewards gems, vitality, skill books, Saitama coins, and Keys mainly.

Do NOT do investigations, except once for the daily quest. Save them up for when:
1. You need vitality for events or urgent tasks
2. You need to complete Sub-quest (I also save my vault keys and omni keys for the Saitama vault sub quests, but it’s up to you)


You have 2 free ‘Speed-Up’ everyday. 1 from the talent, and 1 from watching an ad.

Always use them on 6 hr quests.

Always do the manga quest if it appears.

If you sleep late like me, you can start a long quest (if you still have) like a 5 or 6 hour one at 12-1am. If it completes after 5am, it will count towards the next day’s daily quest completion if it’s one of the 4 exercises (Push-Up, Sit-up, Run, Squat).

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