Credits to Fearless OPM/JKGie Reddit and Mikha

  1. Opened Drone #66 in the Supply Depot 1x
  2. Switched BGM on the Main City Screen 5x
  3. 6 character’s mood become excited
  4. Purchased any packs for 3 consecutive days
  5. Bought all the items in any Store
  6. Obtained 2 SR Characters from 10x Elite Recruitment 1 Time
  7. Remained Online for 8 hours
  8. Remained on the City Screen for 1 hour
  9. Remained Online for 1am – 2am
  10. Pressed and held the main city fountain until it reached it’s highest point
  11. Continously Tapped the Vending Machine 20x
  12. 15 Winning Streak in Live Clash Match
  13. Sent messages in World Channel, 5 characters or longer in 3 consecutive days
  14. Obtained 2 SSR Characters from one 10x Elite Recruitment
  15. Shared a Total of 7x
  16. Broadcast for more than 100 times in the Club Channel
  17. Lose 5 times in a row in Arena Association
  18. Completed 30 battles at 1x speed
  19. Signed in for 7 consecutive days
  20. Gifted SSR Shards for 20x via Club Support
  21. The player you show support for 5x in a row obtains victory
  22. Refresh the Core Trial 3x without enlisting any character
  23. Simultaneously own 3 enhanced +3 Characters in the Core Trial
  24. Reach the Top 8 in Tournament Finals
  25. Enlist 10 characters in the Core Trial who are all monsters
  26. Enlist 10 characters in the Core Trial who are all heroes
  27. Get 100 Honor Medals from Club Contest
  28. Send 1 message in world channel using non-default Chat Box
  29. Explore the Club Contest map to get the whole map vision
  30. Get 0 Wins and 3 Defeats in Heroes x Monster Tournament
  31. Spend 288 Costume Coins in Total
  32. Win unnatural disaster 10/20/30 times with 6 monster/outlaw units
  33. Complete sonic ninja club minigame to level 5 without a single fail
  34. Achieve 1200 points in club rocket minigame
  35. Reach Arena Master tier in Live Clash for 3 seasons
  36. Open rune chest and get two lvl 4 or above runes at a time in live clash
  37. 15 winning streak in live clash match
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