saitama memories upgrade

In the 28 Oct 2021 maintenance, they added the new Saitama Memories upgrade.


This is mainly for long time players who have already fused all Saitama memories. Well I hope you have been doing your Saitama exercises because here’s where you can spend your saitama coins and talents, amongst other things, to upgrade each memory for extra buffs! It can add up to quite a lot of extra free BP, so definitely start working on those!

To unlock this part, you need to have fused all your memories, as well as be Lv100 and above.

  • The upgrade type will correspond to the memory buff type. For example, if the memory is +ATK and HP, then the upgrade will provide similar buffs.
  • Since there is NO upgrade to SPD here, as well as things like DMG Rate or DMG free, it will just continue to add either HP, ATK or DEF.
  • Max Level of 20 per memory upgrade
  • You can manually long press and hold the resources to use, or simply just use quick select. You can choose which materials to filter using ‘Choose Materials’- click the gear icon
  • The memories will slowly open up with time, you can check the unlock requirements


  • The best resource to use first are the Saitama Coins and Talents, since you don’t have a use for them anymore (assuming you also finished talents). The training notes can still be used at the Training (Battle and Skill training), so use them last if possible
    • Memory essence and memory crystal are currently not in the game and will appear in the future
  • Assuming we all have limited resources, focus on HP and ATK upgrades first since it affects the whole team. For anything with DEF (eg HP and DEF) you can do those after. If you are specializing in certain classes (eg if you have strong Espers like ATT and RMG), then you can prioritise levelling Esper specific upgrades too
  • For base memories, it starts with 10k XP to level each level at first, but once you hit Lv10, it becomes 15k per level. However the benefits you get are the same as from Lv1-10 (eg +60 HP only), so if you are tight on resources, you might want to stop at Lv10 first, and slowly level all the base memories to lv10, before further continuing to Lv20.
  • For sub memories the same applies, but the starting is 15k XP from Lv1-10, and then 20k XP from Lv11-20.

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