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The Awaken system is another ‘Limit-break’ system where you can use awaken materials to limit break pink stars.

What’s different is that you can choose which state to upgrade first (HP, ATK or DEF), unlike Limit break which follows a strict order of ATK>DEF>HP. So for a tank you can prioritise HP first, or you may not intend to break him to the next star so you can just level the main stat without progressing further.

At each new star level you get a slight buff, with the main highlight being 5 pink stars which levels up your Extreme Passive.


Core Powers and DISK: Currently, the only way to obtain awaken resources daily and reliably is at the Awakening Trial. You might get them here and there from events and other rewards.

Definitely sweep 3x daily for all the available stages. If you can sweep Floor 7 already, do continue to sweep Floor 6 as well since you kinda need more of the green/blue resources. I usually sweep 7 x1 and 6 x2, but you can sweep to your needs. Don’t bother buying more sweep chances with gems, it’s totally not worth it.

You can also buy them from various places, like World Disaster shop, Peak Arena shop and so on.

Once you have used up the mats to max out all the stats, you’ll need pink unit shards and awaken chips to limit break to the next star level.

Awaken Chips: For these guys, you can sweep certain heroics daily to get them. Click on the chips here and it will tell you what you need to sweep.

Pink unit shards: You can exchange them from normal orange shards, but NEVER EVER do that. It’s more worthwhile to just throw that unit in Extreme Challenge where you will instantly get 3 pink shards for free. Save the orange shards, they’re harder to come by.


Credits to Mikha for certain info

  • Pink stars are expensive to level on units, so you must select the correct units, otherwise it will be a very expensive mistake
  • SEA awakening material drop rate is cut to 1/3 compared to CN, so use them sparingly!!
    • Here are some guidelines:
    • SRs stop at max 2 stars, can leave at 1.5 star (max atk)
    • Normal SSR tanks (CK & TTM) and decent LSSRs (ZM, Gouketsu) stop at max 3 stars
    • The rest of your awakening materials should go to your chosen game changing Hero and Monster LSSR (e.g. All in on Garou and RMG to 5 stars)
  • Due to this reduced drop rate, it’s up to you if you want to sweep just 1-2x daily while using the rest of your stamina for red+ evolution medals
  • Personally I am still sweeping all the Monster awaken chips daily in preparation for RMG, as the real gate here is time, not so much stamina

Character Requirements for Pink Stars:

UPDATE: Do note that with the new Training Center, certain requirements have been amended so you may not require the below anymore if you fulfil Training Center requirements.

  • PPP>3* – SilverFang
  • Boros>4* – Grori
  • Boros>5* – Melz
  • Garou>2* – Magicman
  • Gouketsu>4* – Bakuzan/Garou
  • Gouketsu>5* – Choze
  • RMG>5* – SSR Genos
  • SSR Amai>5* – ATT

The rest of the units can be gotten through normal elite pool

Awakening Cost

Purple StarAwakening Cores (Total)Awakening ChipsShards (F)
1-2 60305

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