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This guide is aimed at players who have just created a new account and have no idea what to do.

  1. Don’t level Genos! This is like the number one mistake new players make. He may be all cool looking in the anime, but he’s never ever used in the game both PvE and PvP. When I say don’t level him, I just mean the evolution and skills. You can go ahead and limit break him to 4 or 5 stars for the figurine. Wait for the SSR Genos, that one’s the bomb.

  2. Which core to use then? You might be wondering which core to use if we’re not supposed to level Genos! At the start you probably won’t have choices are core units and hi-techs are few. Keep Genos at a low level while only using his core until you get Mosquito Girl or Dr Genus.
    You can use Amai Mask core but only if you pumped him a lot and he is speed 1, otherwise you’re going to not have any energy during the first round. If you are not confident of a kill, then Genus or Mosquito core is more consistent.

    Ideally you want Child Emperor which will be the best for PVE. Bakuzan is the second best, then DSK core. If you noticed, for heroes the core choices are somewhat limited, and if you don’t have CE you’re kind stuck with Genos for most hero-only events which sucks. Keep pulling and hope for CE/Bakuzan.

  3. Join a club ASAP. You can just quick-join any club at the start since you’re in no shape to apply for the top clubs. Clubs provide you with many core activities, such as club challenges, contests and quests. You can always quit your club and join the higher clubs if you need to later on. Check out the Club Challenge guide here.
    • As a total noob, I didn’t even know there was a club chat when I first played. Do communicate with your club, build new friendships and have fun! Most of the clubs have an external chat group like Discord/WhatsApp/LINE, so do join them! At the end of the day, it’s friends that keep you playing, otherwise you’ll feel like quitting easily.

  4. Do these things daily >> in my daily guide here

  5. Focus on PVE (Player vs Environment, or the computer basically), not PVP. This means powering up core PVE units like AM and BK. You can level your favourite units later on.
    • PVE units you should focus on:
      • Amai Mask (you can stop at skill lv8) (always pair with Beast King)
      • Beast King (you can stop at skill lv 8) (always pair with Amai)
      • Golden Ball
      • Terrible Tornado. Use Hellish Blizzard if you don’t have TT, as you need one Esper. Sky King is also a good slot as he increases extra damage for 2rounds (eg affects damage reflect)
      • Atomic Samurai (useful for both AoE and single target due to his follow-up attacks)
      • Dr. Genus (no need to level much, but 5* is good) – used mainly for his passive
      • Sonic (no need lvl much, he is there mainly for the basic attack shatter for bossing)
      • DOT (Damage over time) BUILD ONLY – Konbu/Messenger of the Sea with Vaccine Man – this line-up is mainly using corrode/burn to deal loads of damage
      • Carnage Kabuto – CK is both a PVE and PVP god due to his damage reflect. In harder PVE stages of HxM and awaken, the enemies basically kill themselves.
    • Once you’re done for PVE (you can clear the highest Conqueror’s Challenge and Talent perfection on auto, do 50m on club boss, etc), then you can start focusing on PvP units or units that you like.
    • A somewhat good lineup would look like:
      AOE: CE (core), Terrible Tornado, Atomic Samurai, Golden Ball, Beast King, Hellish Blizzard
      Boss: CE (core), Sonic, Amai, Beast King, any tank (usually CK), any esper (can use Sky King if using CK)

  6. Get to Arena Diamond Rank ASAP. Once you hit diamond rank, you get at least 200 gems daily for doing nothing, you don’t have to climb if you don’t want to. You will have to clear PPP to reach diamond which may be hard for you depending on your BP and team. Try to use unyielding units to block his dmg (eg Mumen/Alloy/Clone) and pray for constant 5hits from AM.

  7. Buy Stamina. You should spend your gems on stamina so that you can do more sweeps and level up more quickly, which in turn gives you access to much more content that will help boost your team. You can buy stamina until you see 90gems then stop (Meaning buy 4 times – 25, 25, 50, 50 for a total for 150 gems). Once you hit lv80+, you can decrease your stamina spending, as it will take exponentially longer to level up from here on.

  8. Save your gems. However don’t go crazy on spending them gems. You will want to save for black tickets and other events.
    1. Every Black Ticket (BT) banner, you can only buy a maximum of 36 BTs, at 220 gems each, for a total of 7920 gems.
    2. Buy Black Shuriken pack (1888×2) in the mall every month (This is for LSSR Keepsake).
    3. Every month you will have 2 events (New LSSR and a comeback LSSR) (from Oct onwards) – this means you can buy a maximum of 72 BTs monthly, so save up at least 15840gems monthly.
    4. It is also advisable to have a reserve of at least 16.8k gems, because that’s the amount required to max-draw on a Keepsake event (this amount is for Claw Machine. It may vary for other KS event types like Lucky coin draws, etc). ONLY DRAW KS event if you have enough for max draw, otherwise DON’T.

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