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Hey guys. What better post to start off this website with a Zombieman guide! As of writing, we are only 2 days away from the Zombieman banner (SEA), so I thought I’d do up a post on him first before I start to write all the other basic game guides.


F2P: 100% pull
P2W: 100% pull


Ratings are of my own opinion


Zombieman is THE LSSR to have, and I hope you have been saving up your black tickets for him. He is the meta-changer when he comes, putting an end to OTK (one-turn kill) builds, like the Shatter AS/GB combo that has been dominating since launch.

With his revives, an ult that heals his whole team, and an AoE heal every round (for 2 rounds), his core will simply be the most powerful until the rest of the LSSR comes out.

And not only useful for PVP like arena/tournament, but also in PVE. He is a core essential to get to Turn 10 for club bosses like Geryu, and a must for club boss Boros. And he’s also useful for Institute as a front wall, as well as HxM.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with him, and you’ll use him almost everywhere possible. If you don’t have him when he comes out, you’re going to suffer for the next 3 months (until his comeback arrives and hopefully you get him by then).

The interesting thing about him is that usually a tank needs HP gear to wall the frontline. However with his constant heals (ult based on his ATK) and his core revive, you can gear him up with ATK gear to get the most heals, and yet still hold the frontline with his revive, AND still deal high single target DPS (even more with Primal set).

His revive is also unique that it activates on his turn. Unlike the Genus clones that spawn at the start of a turn and then they can be killed off immediately, ZBM only revives when his turn comes, MEANING he is GUARANTEED to pull off a basic or ult. This means he is GUARANTEED to pull off at least 4 actions in every battle (assuming your backline doesn’t die so he can be revived).

If all that’s not enough to convince you, he is also the first core that doesn’t need at least 1 of each character type. His core only requires 3 grapplers and 1 duelist (himself), that leaves 2 slots for almost anything you want, so it’s very flexible.


Role: Tank, Healer, Single Target DPS, Core
Type: Duelist / Hero
Meta Duration: Long long time (at least 1 year)


Basic: Attack target once, dealing 120% damage, with a 100% chance to inflict Injury (100% extra damage when attacked) << PS: Highest injury extra damage skill in the game!

Ultimate: Attack target 5 times, dealing 240% damage. Restores HP to all allies equal to 100% of Zombieman’s attack.

Passive: When Zombieman dies, he deals 60% of his ATK as damage to all enemies. On the next turn, he will revive with 15% of his max hp. This skill can activate up to 4 times per battle.

Core: 3 Grappler + 1 Duelist (himself)
Basic Core (2 Grapplers) : Gain 2 energy when an ally gains Tenacity. Gain 2 energy when an enemy receives Injury/Internal Injury. (equals to 4 energy per round if the conditions are fulfilled.)

Advanced Core (3 Grapplers):
Level 1: Restore 4% of Max HP to all allies after any unit takes its turn (including opponent), lasting for 2 rounds. After applying Internal Injury, ult dmg +20% permanently

Level 4: Gain 1 energy when inflicting Internal Injury. Can activate maximum once per round.

Level 10: Inflict 2 energy seal on enemies at the beginning of each round (only the highest seal will take effect).


Suggested gear:
Primal – ATK, ATK%
Suit – ATK, ATK%


Because his core revolves around tenacity and injury, you definitely want to apply those in order to get the max 4 energy every round.

Injury suggestions:
  • Amai Mask: Everyone should have a levelled Amai by now anyways so this is an easy auto-include. What makes him great is that both his basic and ult will apply injury (if you have 5* him for his ultra passive), so in the event of an energy seal (by King or DSK4), his basic will still apply injury and grant you 2 energy to continue rolling.
    • Do note that if he ults and kills the enemy in a single ult, injury will NOT be applied and you will NOT get any energy
  • Beast King: Everyone should also have a levelled Beast King! His ult applies Injury, and his follow-up attack is just great.
  • Terrible Tornado: She’s an absolute beast if you have her, especially with her Keepsake, she has a 50% chance to apply injury on all enemies, which means you should always almost get at least 1 injury.
  • Superalloy Darkshine: His ult applies injury, but you should be using him more for his tenacity instead. More on this later.
  • Fukegao: Fukegao with 3*KS MIGHT be useful, due to his passive where injured enemies are weakened, but there are better characters like TT and Amai that replaces him.
  • Metal Knight: His ult applies injury as well as burn, but most F2P probably will not have him.
  • Bakuzan/Silverfang: Their ults deal internal injury which counts, but not really ideal here.
  • Near Future: Look out for Garou as he will definitely be in since he deals aoe internal injury.
Tenacity suggestions:
  • Tank Top Master: Ahh TTM. Finally a good use. His ult will apply Tenacity, giving you 2 energy + survivability to your row. He’s also fairly easy to level as his shards are in the arena mall all the time.
  • Superalloy Darkshine: He is a great tank to have in the lineup, as his tenacity doesn’t cost any energy (basic atk), and his passive grants ult dmg reduction as well. Just make sure he goes as one of the last.
  • Silverfang: An absolute tenacity beast if you have him. Basically you will be guaranteed 2 energy at start, even if an enemy King ults and seals you, because his passive will just apply Tenacity.
  • Hellish Blizzard: An okay choice if you don’t have the above, but make sure she goes late for her to use her basic.
  • Deep Sea King: Not the ideal tenacity guy, but if you don’t have the above, I guess you can still use him as he will proc Tenacity when he is low HP (under 50%).
  • Near Future: Flashy flash and Gouketsu

This is a rough guideline to an ideal lineup. These are not “You must do this”, but more of a reference. If you’re F2P you might not have certain units like TT, then just put in the next best unit. If you’re P2W, you might have Silverfang, or King which is still useful to energy seal the opponents ZBM.

Amai (early to mid) / BK (mid)ZBM (mid)
Amai(early to mid)/
Your strongest unit / TTM(early) / DS(late) / Genus (late)
TTM(early) / DS(late) / DSK(late) / Silverfang(late) / Genus (late)
TT (early) / Your strongest unitCK (late) / Your strongest tank
The early/mid/late refers to the speed order.

Dr. Genus: He is strong here for his passive mostly – He increase ATK of allies who heal HP by 20% (30% if you have him 5*), which is basically after every action due to ZBM’s core. So your whole team will be dealing 20/30% increased damage (for 2 rounds).

Carnage Kabuto: Why CK? He’s just damn good because of his damage reflect and self ult heal. He will be in your lineup forever almost.

TTM/DS: You can choose to put TTM and DS at the backline to protect them, since tenacity on CK will reduce his damage reflect as well.


Zombieman core will be

Strong Against: Basically everything that is not ZBM core, assuming fairly similar BP and gears. CE core cannot burst down fast enough due to the heals and revive. DSK core cannot reflect enough damage to kill. DoT builds cannot kill fast enough as the heals offset the DoT damage. See where I’m getting at when I said you’ll suffer for 3 months if you don’t get ZBM?

Average Against: Himself. The only thing that can compete against ZBM core is a ZBM core at this point of time. Sure, an energy seal from King might slow the enemy down, but I personally think that in a ZBM mirror matchup, it all boils down to who has the stronger CK. Stronger CK = more self-sustain (with KS), and will eventually outlast the enemy.

Weak Against: None

Disclaimer: The above are my own opinions and theorycrafting, we’ll have to test and see when he comes out!


OPM the strongest zombieman

You should know by now that only draw if you can guarantee the unit, meaning you need 180 BTs. If you don’t have 180 or near it, all is not gone. I suggest you continue to save up and wait for the next ZBM comeback banner, most likely in 3 months if SEA devs don’t mess around with timelines again.

If you want to save for Garou or Gyoro-Gyoro, be my guest and go ahead, it’s your BTs, although I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you manage to draw ZBM in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw him between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw him at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.

That’s all guys, I wish you all the best in drawing ZBM, good luck!

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