OPM The Strongest Talents

The talent system is another huge source of BP, and can unlock certain unique and essential abilities, like Unyielding.

As of now, there are 3 talent pages, Talent 1, 2 and 3. You start off at Talent 1, where you first have to activate the page.

Opening Talent 1: 50k gold and 20 class badges (lv62, Limit break 3 stars)
Opening Talent 2: 120k gold and 60 class badges (lv68, Limit break 4stars, 38 Total Talent 1)
Opening Talent 3: 300k gold and 120 class badges (lv78, Limit break 5stars, 3 sigils unlocked, 38 Total Talent 2)

OPM The Strongest Talents

How the Talent Points system works

  1. Obtain Talent Points from Talent Perfection. It’s similar to CC where you can automate multiple runs, and costs 8 vit per run. Rewards include talent points, talent point bags, and sigils.

  2. Activating the talent pages of any unit will cause it to count towards the talent points reward. Do not go crazy and activate the Talent 1 of multiple units, because if you do, and you use them in the Talent Perfection battles, then you will randomly get the talent points of those units.

    Eg, if you open CE, TT, TTM and Amai talents, and if you use all 4 of them during Talent perfection, you will be randomly getting their talent points. Hence it’s not ideal because it will be very staggered and it will take a long time to progress to Talents 2 and 3. What you want to do is unlock one unit at a time, then try to hit the minimum of Talent 1 page to move on to page 2, as well as get the sigil slot.

  3. Not using talent-activated units will prevent you from getting their talent points. However don’t worry if you’ve already opened multiple. If you remove them from your Talent Perfection lineup and you won’t get their points.

  4. Your EXCESS talent points can be refunded. If you have Talent 1 skills all maxed out (NOT capped talent points), you can ‘refund’ the remaining talents for the unit into those little ‘talent bags’, which you can use it on another unit, so don’t worry they won’t be wasted. I don’t think you can reverse talent skills and get back all your talent points, you can only reverse the sigil slot for your SACs, correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. You will stop getting talent points if you have reached the talent point cap. This is another way to stop getting the unit’s talent points, but not having to max out the talent page, or if you want to pause talents progression on a unit for a while.
    Talent point cap:
    Talent 1: 800
    Talent 2: 1200
    Talent 3: 3000

    Eg, if you have 810 Talent 1 pts and 1220 Talent 2 pts for a particular unit, you will ONLY get Talent 3 points for that unit.


Sigils are like ‘runes’ or ‘enhancements’ that can be slotted into the sigil slot. These are super important, and you should definitely try to get them unlocked ASAP for your main units, as they provide a huge BP increase and boost to certain stats.

You can determine a sigil slot type based on its shape:
Hexagon (6 sided) – Damage Sigil Slot
Octagon (8 sided) – Support Sigil Slot

OPM The Strongest Talents

There will be 1 slot in Talent 1, 2 slots in Talent 2, and 3 slots in Talent 3. The type varies with the unit.

Sigils can be upgraded in levels, in batches of 3. Eg, 3 Level 1 sigil makes a Level 2; 3 Level 2 sigil makes a Level 3 and so on.

Make an informed decision before you upgrade a sigil though, especially if you’re using it. For eg, my CK is using 3 lv3 vit sigils, each giving 16.k HP, for a total of 49.5k HP. If I decide to upgrade it, I will only get 22.5k and 1250ATK for the level 4 VIT. So it will give me a lower total HP, which is not what I want (yes it opens up 2 more free slots, so it depends on whether you have more vit sigils or whatever sigils you need, or what’s the build you’re aiming for. I don’t have 2 other vit sigils at this point in time, but when I have enough lv3 vit sigils then this upgrade is worth doing).

Level 7 Stat Buffs
Credits: Bek#3527

  • Tenacity – Resistance +3%
  • Chaos – Block +3%
  • Rebellion – Block +3%
  • Bastion – Ult dmg reduction +3%
  • Vitality – HP +3%
  • Indomitable – Block+3%
  • Ruthless – Hit +3%
  • Frenzy – Critdmg +3%
  • Pain – Hit +3%
  • Sharp edge – Atk +3%
  • Piercing – Ult dmg rate +3%
  • Ruining – Hit +3%


Credits to galinte from Club SG Discord (based off blue’s videos).

  • Amai: Sharp Sword/Piercing, Vitality
  • Kabuto: Vitality/Chaos/Rebellion, Sharp sword/Ruthless
  • TTM: Tenacity(at most 1)/Vitality/Chaos, Sharp sword
  • Groribas: Not really recommended to work too much on him as he is expensive to train up, but if you want to, Pain , Vitality
  • Garou: Ruthless/Sharp sword, Chaos/Rebellion/Vitality
  • King: Sharp edge, Vitality/Chaos/Rebellion Metal knight: Sharp sword/piercing, Chaos
  • Silverfang: Ruthless, Tenacity/ Chaos/Rebellion
  • Deep Sea King: Pain/Sharp Sword, Vitality/Rebellion
  • Metal bat: Ruthless/Sharp sword, Rebellion/Chaos
  • Vaccine: Sharp sword/Pain, Chaos/Vitality/Rebellion
  • Flashy: Ruining/Sharp sword, Chaos/Rebellion/Vitality (Indomitable against opponents with King)
  • Golden ball: Ruining/Piercing/Sharp sword, Vitality
  • Super Alloy: Sharp sword, Chaos, vitality (take note that he does not take reduced damage from king, since king’s damage is from his passive and not his ultimate
  • Melzagard: Sharp sword, Vitality Child emperor: Ruining, Chaos/Rebellion/Vitality
  • Zombieman: Sharp sword/ruthless, Vitality/Rebellion
  • Gouketsu: Sharp sword/ Piercing, Bastion/Chaos/Vitality
  • Phoenix man: Sharp sword/Pain, Vitality(as much as possible)
  • Boros: Sharp sword/piercing, Vitality/Chaos/Rebellion(when he’s in the front row)
  • Gyoro-gyoro: Frenzy/Sharp sword, Chaos/Vitality

Credits: galinte

As sigil slots are a gate to Talent 3, if you find yourself having 5 star units that you want to work on and you are lacking SACs, you might find tips here useful.

Make sure to look through your gears and units and reverse keepsakes/insignias/gears that you do not find useful (these costs gems so reverse at your own risk, be sure that you do not need those before you reverse).

You can keep your talent 3 unlocked even after you reverse sigil slots. This means that as long as you have 15 SACs, you can unlock any talent 3 you want, reverse those sigil slots and use that 15 SACs on talent 3 of other units subsequently.

The cost of reversing the sigil slots are as follows:
– 90 gems for the slot in talent 1 (returns 3 SACs)
– 150 gems per slot in talent 2 (return 6 SACs)
– 220 gems per slot in talent 3 (return 15 SACs)

While the one for talent 3 appears to be the cheapest per SAC, you will likely not be unlocking that if you lack SACs and will probably be spending 390 gems to reverse those sigil slots for 15 SACs and using those for your next unit to unlock talent 3.

This is going to be worth since its not going be costly ( you won’t be able to unlock talent 3s that frequently since 5 stars and 120 badges is a gate), and SACs do not grow on trees so you will be lacking those. Talent 3 also includes some game changing abilities such as unyielding for some units, so do consider this before hand when you work on talent perfection for your units.


Credits: Idris from Club SG Discord

Early game to clear dailies, highest priority:
1. Open talent 1 of GB, Amai, and BK
2. Do daily talent just enough to move to the next node. (Open 1st Sigil)
3. Open talent 2 of GB, Amai, and BK.
4. Do daily talent just enough to move to the next node.

For PvP (Only when you can clear dailies):
1. Open Kabuto talent 1.
2. Remove BK from your line up.
3. Open Talent 1,2, and 3. Only do the minimum to go to the next stage. (Talents should only go to Kabuto)
4. Unlock unyielding for Kabuto. (Max Sigils)
5. Open Mosquito/King talent 1, 2, and 3. (Not both)
6. If Mosquito, first 3 Sigils max. If King, max Sigils if possible.

Note: Kabuto and Mosquito can farm together. If raising King, make sure he’s the only one getting talent until he gets unyielding.

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