OPM Halloween

Okay boys the Halloween Event just launched so let’s take a quick look.


Let’s take a look at the rewards.

This are the rewards for consuming Vit. Pretty lackluster if you ask me, but overall the Amai KS is still useful, especially for those who missed the previous one. The Black Shurikens and Tickets are also a nice touch but I won’t go crazy spending vit for them.

Do note that the vitality consumed does not have to be in the Halloween event, but ALL vit consumed, including talent perfection, CC, Unnatural disasters etc.


Next we have as usual some form of currency spender draw to get rewards. Each draw costs 20 pumpkins. The rewards are nothing great imo though.


Next, we have our boss fight as usual. You get to fight Mosquito Girl, Carnage Kabuto and Boros, with a chance to get [F] shards, pumpkins, candies and coins.

This time it’s a little different – it consists of 2 matches. The first match is to hit the boss’s weakness objective (you can check what is it at the bottom left “Weak”). For MG, it’s to deplete her Tenacity strength for the 2nd match, by applying Shatter or DoT to her. I think if you hit all 11, her Tenacity is weakened by 99% in the 2nd match.

So you can kinda just throw all your Shatter/Burn/Corrode units for the first match, and your strongest LU for the second. Although it seems some people have the damage to just plow through her regardless of this mechanic. It’s really up to you, test it out for yourself.

To unlock the CK fight, you need to wait for Event day 3, and kill MG 5x before.
To unlock the Boros fight, you need to wait for Event day 5, and kill CK 5x before.


CK and Boros are kind of too hard and not worth the effort/tickets, so best to just 1-shot MG for the daily quests and more pumpkins.

Lightning Max (Burn)Konbu (Corrode)
GB/CE (Shatter)DSK (Corrode)
Sonic (Shatter)MEM (Shatter)

Second match just use your main/best LU. This is mine (nothing amazing):



Next is the usual spend vit to fight different stages. There are 2 modes on rotation, Hero and Monster, and you can only use each depending on the day. Pretty easy in my opinion so nothing to talk about. Remember to use your candles for extra bonus loots.

Rewards mainly include pumpkins and coins.


Lastly, we have different NPCs visiting your homes (and others), where you can either fight them with vit, or give them candy for a reward (MOAR PUMPKINS).


That’s about it guys! If you’re not a collector of the cosmetics (frames etc), then I would skip this event. There’s not much going on, and I would rather spend my vit on levelling ZBM’s talents (which counts towards the pumpkin light-up anyways). Cheers and see you in the next post!

By Nemi


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