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Credits to LanceYT, check out his YouTube at the end!


  • Player Level requirement Lv90
  • Challenge level stages (higher level give better rewards)
    • If you lose you won’t lose your challenge chance or vit, so you can keep trying
  • 3 bosses (RMG/AVM/ACK) – Each of them have their own unique clearance rewards, and they cycle every week
  • Reward drops will give Gears, Buff Gears and Red Gear material – random on what you will get
  • Rank Challenge (Max DMG) rewards
  • New Purple Tickets (will have future rate up so save up if not urgent)

Gear Conversion

There are 4 types of Red gear with their own unique set bonus:

  • Machine (G4) – ATK and HP+12%
  • Drive (DK) – Gains 30% All DMG Free, ATK and HP+10%
  • Fiery (MK) – Gains 12% All DMG Boost, SPD+15%
  • Ninja (Sonic) – SPD+12%, ATK and HP+10%

Basically when you upgrade an existing orange gear, it will convert into one of the above red gear. Refer to the table below for the mapping. Eg, If you convert a Primal orange gear, it will become Red Gear Drive set. Red gears are backwards compatible with existing orange gear sets, meaning that if you have 3 Primal and 1 Drive, that will still count as 4/4 Primal set, since Drive is converted from Primal. (However of course you will NOT get the red gear set bonus Drive)

Red Gear SetOrange Gear Set
-Martial Arts


  • Fusion Catalyst – required for red gear conversion
  • Energy Binding card – the new gear exp card for red gear


  • 3 free challenges per day + 3 purchasable with gems (100 gems each). Reset 5AM. Recommended by Lance to purchase all 3.
  • Unit suggestions – Your usual PVE line-up,eg Gale, RMG, CK+, MB+, etc
  • Definitely try to finish all 20 levels, as there are first-time clear rewards
  • After round 20 (Boss) is where the rankings are tallied
    • If you can’t clear round 20 no problem, your damage at that stage will determine your rank so you still get a shot
  • There will be daily quests to do so remember to clear them, eg clear stage 3x, 6x, spend 100 vit.

How to Convert?

  • Gear must be at least lv90 first – when you upgrade it will 100% refund any investment past lv90, so you don’t have to reset and make it exactly lv90
  • To convert you need 1 Red Sketch Blueprint (20 fragments to fuse) and 100 Fusion Catalyst
  • Main/Sub stat will stay the same post upgrade, eg if its ATK SPD, it will still be ATK SPD after upgrade

Upgrading Red Gears

There is a new purple SAC called Refinement Card for ascending Red gears. Red gears have a chance to get additional stats, and you can also get a maximum of 3 additional lines of skill/perks (possible to get 0 as well).

Advancement LevelSAC CostBenefits
13Stat Boost
26Stat Boost
312Activate Add. Skill Line 1
418Activate Add. Skill Line 2
524Activate Add. Skill Line 3
632Stat Boost

Gear Set Potential Rolls


StatsAdditional Skill 1 (p3)Additional Skill 2 (p4)Additional Skill 3 (p5)
Potential Stat 1Arena DMG BoostIncrease Energy GaugeHero/Mons DMG Boost
Potential Stat 2S.ATK BoostHeal after actionATK
Potential Stat 3R.ATK BoostSuicide ExplosionDEF
Potential Stat 4C.ATK BoostHP
Potential Stat 5G.ATK Boost


StatsAdditional Skill 1 (p3)Additional Skill 2 (p4)Additional Skill 3 (p5)
Potential Stat 1Hero/Mons DMG FreeEmblem BurstHero/Mons DMG Boost
Potential Stat 2S.ATK BoostGroup RegenATK
Potential Stat 3R.ATK BoostSplash DamageDEF
Potential Stat 4C.ATK BoostHP
Potential Stat 5G.ATK Boost


StatsAdditional Skill 1 (p3)Additional Skill 2 (p4)Additional Skill 3 (p5)
Potential Stat 1Heal RateEnhanced Follow-upSpeed
Potential Stat 2S.ATK BoostHigh Speed BerserkATK
Potential Stat 3R.ATK BoostLow Speed DMG FreeDEF
Potential Stat 4C.ATK BoostHP
Potential Stat 5G.ATK Boost


StatsAdditional Skill 1 (p3)Additional Skill 2 (p4)Additional Skill 3 (p5)
Potential Stat 1Drain RateEnhanced UnyieldDamage Reflect
Potential Stat 2S.ATK BoostEnemy Unyield ReductionATK
Potential Stat 3R.ATK BoostReplication EffectDEF
Potential Stat 4C.ATK BoostHP
Potential Stat 5G.ATK Boost

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