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This new event first debut in May 2022. It’s a 4-day long event but I’m not putting any dates as this event will be recurring so this post will act as a standard guide. This event revolves mostly around Red Gear stages and materials.


  • Clear the event quests for Blue Parts.
  • Use the Blue Parts in Normal Workshop (Make Rewards) to get rewards, as well as a chance to get Red Parts
    • There are also stage rewards as you make more rewards (eg 50x, 100x)
  • Use the Red Parts in Advanced Workshop to get better rewards
  • You can buy the parts (click the + beside the parts at the top) – Blue Parts 100gems each, Red Parts 100 funds each
  • Event items (like blue and red parts) will NOT be deleted, and will be saved and available again when the event returns
  • For F2Ps, just claim what you can as you play, don’t have to go out of your way to do this event. It’s more for whales, and I don’t advise spending extra gems/effort for this


Complete the quests here to get Blue Parts

As of writing, the quests are:

  • Login – 2 blues
  • Win Epic Stage 9x – 3 blues
  • Win Epic Stage 24x – 5 blues
  • Total Activity reaches 450 – 2 blues
  • Undertake Refinement Supply 10x – 3 blues
  • Undertake Refinement Supply 20x – 5 blues

Total = 20 blue parts

Note Epic Stage refers to Conqueror Challenge Epic Stage, where you do the bosses for red gear mats

If you want you can also buy blue parts at 100gems each.

Normal Workshop

Here is where you use the Blue Parts, by pressing Make 1x/10x. Each time you’ll draw a reward from the pool randomly. The rewards might change from the screenshot below so check everytime.


  • Machine/Ninja Sketch Fragment Box 1x – 5%
  • Machine/Ninja Sketch Fragment Box 5x – 0.5%
  • Ascend Supply Token – 5%
  • Orange Gear – 5%
  • Refinement Supply Token – 5%
  • Fusion Catalyst – 10%
  • 50k coins – 10%
  • Energy Binding Card – 20%
  • SAC – 2%
  • Mechanical Pattern 11x – 0.5%

There are no limit to each item pull, so you can be stuck getting gear exp cards if you’re unlucky.

There’s also Stage Rewards, for 50x, 100x and 180x.

Advanced Workshop

Use the Red Parts here to draw rewards by pressing Make 1x/3x.

At least the rewards pool has limited quantities per item so you will be able to draw all eventually if you keep pulling.


  • Red Sketch Fragment 5x – 13%
  • Red Sketch Fragment 20x – 7%
  • Refinement Card 3x – 13%
  • Refinement Card x2 – 14%
  • Energy Binding Card 750x – 13%
  • Resist Orange gear – 13%
  • Fusion Catalyst 20x – 20%
  • Fusion Catalyst 40x – 7%

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