onsen trip

5 – 25 Jun


  • NO VIT used in this event
  • Challenge in Onsen Battles (PVP) to earn Onsen Coins
  • Fight bosses (PVB) in Pastry battles to earn Pastries
  • Spend your coins and pastries in the shop

Onsen Battle

Opens from 8am to 10:30pm.

The currencies here are Onsen Coins, Onsen Points and coins. Vit is NOT used in this event at all.

You start at the lowest level, Level 1 (or Onsen Pool 1). You want to progress up the floors as much as you can. You have 40 challenges chances at the start, and can buy more with gems.

For a start, just kill the top1 NPC (like TommyBowers) in the Floor1. That will get you up to Lvl2. You’ll want to try to attack the top 1-10 position as much as possible. (41-50 are the lower ranks).

Each challenge /being challenged consumes 5 Morale, which will affect your ATK and HP. Morale naturally recovers by 1 every 5 mins, so not recommended to spam challenge.

At every floor, you earn BP (Battle Points for the ranking), Onsen Coins and Gold per hour. These are distributed every minute.

However, if someone challenges you and you get defeated, you will be kicked into the waiting zone, where you will receive ZERO benefits. Then you will get a notification (if you have it enabled) and you should immediately go challenge someone else, even if it’s AI.

Hence you need to balance, whether you want a higher floor with more rewards but higher chance to get kicked out of, versus staying at a lower floor with lower rewards but no one will bother you.

There are also Lucky Boxes, which randomly appear on random floors and random positions. You can see chest boxes at the floor levels near the Enter sign. Enter in and scroll to find the box, there will be a timer, and the person occupying that position when the timer runs out will get the lucky box. Usually contains abit of gems and SSR shards. Pretty good stuff! The problem is that whales will be sniping these so you will most likely get kicked out as well.

Lastly if you went down to a lower floor for whatever reason and you want to go back up, just click on the advance at the bottom left, pay a small gem fee and you will go back to your highest floor.

Pastry Battle

Here you get Onsen Points.

Just use boss line-up and whack. Easy uses 3 units, Normal 4 units, and Difficulty your full 6man party.

Boss refreshes every 4 days.

For Employment, you can set Employed Characters to assist your friends and club mates in clear challenges. You get some gems if your units get hired. Or similarly if you want to use your friends/club mates units which are better than you, then you have to pay 20 gems.

Onsen Store

Buy items using 2 different currencies from the event.

Pastry Store uses Pastries, earned from the boss battles (Pastry Battle)

Onsen Store uses Onsen Coins, earned from Onsen Battle


Don’t forget to do your quests!

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