• Defeat boss at least once daily, and make 10x gift daily (save the rest until last day) for daily quests
  • Sweep hard mode last boss if farming
  • Spend at least 2000 vit (can be outside of event) for BT and BS


No shop in this event so no shop currency and nothing to buy. You just get Sakura flowers as the only currency, which you spend it in the ‘lucky draw’.

Sakura Gift

At least the draws are not infinite this time so eventually you will pull all and advance to the next tier if you really want to farm.

TIP: You’ll want to not use all your flowers on day1 but rather save and make 10x daily for the quest. Spend all on the last day.

Some notable rewards:

  • Tier1:
    • Superb Voucher, Class S2 badge fragments, Parts Supply token, Energy Binding cards
  • Tier2:
    • Reset lock, Tactic voucher, Class S2 badge fragments, Ascend Supply token
  • Tier3:
    • Sigil Chest V, Class S2 badge fragments, SAC, Refinement Supply token, Emblem Supply token
  • Tier4:
    • Collector Figurine Base III, Class S2 badge fragments
  • Tier5: Think just skip this

Sakura Album

And then we have the following rewards for spend vitality. This is definitely worth doing because you don’t have to spend vit in the event for this to count – you can carry on doing your UD, NCC and Talents and those will still count towards this. Definitely aim to get the BS and BT.

NOTE: Don’t forget to manually click on the points (circles) to move to. You will NOT automatically get rewards once you hit the vit threshold.

Sakura Garden

Here we have the usual “spend-vit-for-currency” battles, with normal and hard mode. Perfect clear to sweep, and always sweep the Hard mode last boss (ATT).

PS: You can use the Sakura cake under Bonus to gain more flowers and tickets.

As reference, after first clear for all stages, I got a total of 412 flowers and 151 boss tickets.

Sakura Trial

Boss fight, use 2 teams to debuff and kill him, same old stuff.

Drive Knight – Inflict Injury/Internal Injury / DoT

SSR+ Drive Knight – Inflict Injury/Internal Injury / Tenacity (opens day 5 + kill base DK 5x first)

Garden Quest

Remember to complete all your quests for extra currencies and rewards.

For dailies –

  • Purchase vit 2x
  • Make 10x sakura gifts
  • Defeat boss once

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