snowman battle

6-20 Feb


  • Do Expedition
  • Donate snowballs and use battle items in the Club Snowman Battle!
  • Check your rewards and rankings daily and auction for rewards at 8:15 (club) and 9:20 (world) at the Auction House
  • Spend your snowflakes at the lucky draw snowflake memorial (Draw at least 200x for BT and BS!)
  • Spend gems at Snowman Store if you wish

Snowman Store

This is probably the first time the ‘event shop’ sells rewards using funds and gems, instead of the event currency.

Snowflake Memorial

Use snowflakes to draw reward chances! The interesting thing is we can’t preview the other floor rewards this time, so I guess the mystery makes it more fun. As usual, you will need to draw the core reward to progress to the next floor.

You also get guaranteed rewards after drawing X number of times:

50x – New Year Avatar Frame
100x – BTx2
150x – Supply Token Selection
200x – BSx2
300x – Class S1 badge fragments 10x

Do note that there is a daily quest to draw 10x, so just do 10x daily, and use everything on the last day.


Here we have the usual “spend-vit-for-currency” battles. There is a total of 15 levels, but they open progressively over time.

Rewards are Energy drinks, Snowballs and Snowflakes. Certain bosses drop Shovels as well. (you can use the sweep function to check the rewards)

Also quick tip, in line-up you can see certain units will have a drop bonus if you use them! So if you’re farming for a specific item, try to use those units for maximum yield.

Snowman Battle

This is a club battle so you need to be in a club to participate. Opens daily from 5am to 8pm.

Basically the idea is to attack and destroy other club’s snowman, and protect your club’s snowman.

What to do?

  1. Click on CHEER to gain snowballs.
  2. Click on Donate to donate snowballs
  3. Use items below

There are 4 battle items for you to use to buff your club / debuff enemy clubs. For items that attack other clubs, you may choose which club to ‘attack’.
1. Shovel – For 10mins, dig 10 snowballs from other Clubs each minute. Accumulate 50 contribution.
2. Firecracker – Reduces shield time of other Clubs by 20mins or directly destroys 200 snowballs from other Club s. Accumulate 100 contribution.
3. Shield – Protects Club from Shovel attacks for 20mins. Accumulate 100 contribution
4. Energy Drink – Increases Construction Speed to 15 snowballs per minute. Accumulate 50 contribution.

You can view all the action under ‘Journal’. If your club is serious, you might want to check with your Club Leader on who to attack, before causing unnecessary club wars with multiple clubs. If your club is casual or inactive, you can just spam your items anyhow.

Club rankings are locked at 8pm daily and calculated at 8:05pm. Rewards will then be sent to you through mail. Auction rewards will be sent to the Club’s Auction House.

There’s also personal rankings, so within the club, you can contribute by donating snowballs and using items to up your ranks!

Auction House

Divided into Club and World auction houses.

Club Auction House – Opens daily 8:15pm-9:15pm
Rewards based on club ranking

World Auction House – Opens daily 9:20pm-10:20pm
Rewards provided by system

How to auction?
Use gems to bid, with a price increase of 10 gems each time. If your bid fails, your gems will be returned to you via mail. If your bid wins, your item will be sent to you via mail.


Lastly, don’t forget to do and claim your event and daily quests!

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