2nd anni

Time flies, it’s already been TWO years! If you are a Day 1 player since June 2020, I congratulate you for playing so long (myself included :P)

This post will contain all the anniversary updates and events whenever they come so keep checking back!

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Free ‘R’ unit to claim

New Core

1-12 June


  • Nothing special, it’s just the typical new SSR+ banner pull, check out the guide HERE if you haven’t!

Anniversary Rewards

1-15 June

This is actually the same event as the one we had at New Year (see here), with tweaks to rewards and score calculation. No in-depth guide at the moment for this but I will try to do one up when I have time. Basically, just complete the quests to get enough Wishing Token Shard to clear the Stage. Each stage is different; you can see 0/10 for Quest 1 and 2, but 8 for Quest and 9 for Quest 4.

I don’t suggest completing this as the rewards are not worth the high gem spend.

Awaken Wheel

13 June – 12 July

Guide here.

Special Anniversary LSSR

15 -21 June

  • ATT
  • PXM
  • G4
  • WDM

120BT max pull to choose one. It only benefits those who are pulling in CK+ comeback, otherwise, I don’t see a point. They should make it Epic or Elite recruits at least, considering no one will absolutely waste BT on non-SSR+ units now. SMH at devs.

Previous year was Boros, KING, MK and SF.

Costume Week

16 – 30 June

It’s just a comeback for all the costumes, nothing much for F2Ps here.

Anniversary Carnival

16 – 25 June

Guide here.

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