2nd Anniversary

16 – 26 Jun 5AM


  • Do Exploration – Games City etc.
    • I think full clearing the map of Games City + Amazing House should be enough to complete BT and BS prize bingo, will update again.
  • Complete the quests so you get enough tokens just to get BT and BS
  • Exchange Darts for rewards
  • As usual if you don’t have enough VIT, consider using your Saitama Investigations

Exploration – Games City / Amazing House / Food Court

  • Line-up can’t be changed once you start exploring
  • If any unit is defeated, map will be reset (go back to start)
  • Your team will heal on green boxes (life heal)
  • To move a square forward will use 15 VIT (click Explore to move). This will trigger random events
  • When moving at forks, your line-up will determine which direction you can move.
    Do note that YOU CAN’T CHOOSE THE DIRECTION AT THE FORK, it’s auto determined by your line-up, eg
    Go right – line-up must have at least 2 grapplers;
    Go left – line-up must have 1 or 0 grappler
    So if you want to go left, you CANNOT have 2 grapplers otherwise you will always just go right. Meaning you cannot use Geryu core.
  • Once you clear the whole map (kill boss + obtain all the chests + unlock all squares), you can then sweep boss. This will be useful for farming the anniversary token quest.
  • Main reward is Dart used for popping balloons (and coins/XP sodas)
  • You can manually reset and go back to start by pressing the Back button at top right
  • Amazing House opens on 17 Jun
  • Food Court opens on 18 Jun

Games City:

  • Top right chest – deploy 2 grapplers
  • Bottom left chest – deploy 2 duelists (0 or 1 grappler)
  • Boss – deploy 1 grappler 1 duelist

Amazing House:

  • Top chest – deploy mumen rider. After getting chest, proceed on to kill boss. You will reset after boss so you will miss out on the square after him
  • Bottom left chest – deploy 2 Hi-Tech (no mumen)
  • Turn right to last square before boss – Deploy 1 or 0 Hi-Tech

Food Court:

  • First Fork:
    • Right – Deploy 1 SR Esper
    • Left: No SR Esper
  • Second Fork:
    • Right: Deploy up to 1 SSR Grappler Monster
    • Up: Deploy at least 2 SSR Grappler Monster

Anniversary Challenge (Boss)

  • Deploy 2 teams to challenge
    • Team 1 – inflict debuff
    • Team 2 – Main Damage team
    • You can only challenge 1 boss a day
    • You can sweep once you defeated the boss (sweep 3x, can buy 3 more with gems 50, 100, 150gems)

VM (inflict DoT or Tenacity):

Team 1 – DSK, Lightning Max, MEM, STK, ATT, Genos. If you have Undying Emblem you will already get 3/6 for the front row shields. If not you can use shield generating units as well like TTM etc.

AVM (inflict Injury/Internal Injury/Shatter):

Opens on Day 3 + Repel VM 12x (if you want to attack him on Day 3, you’ll need to buy all 3 chances on Day 1 and 2)

Plenty of options – I used CE (core), Amai, Sonic v1, Linlin, MEM, TT

Balloon of Wishes

  • Use your darts here to randomly get rewards
  • Total 5 phases – to advance to next phase you need to draw Core Reward (shown in right column). Chance is totally random, or until you max draw

Notable Rewards:

  • Floor 1: Ceremony Avatar Frame
  • Floor 2: Sigil Chest V (random), Ceremony Chat bubble, Gunner Top gear box
  • Floor 3: Emblem Stone, Orange Emblem Chest, Gunner Leg gear box
  • Floor 4: Class S1 badge, Gunner accessory gear box, Gunner footwear gear box, SAC x5
  • Floor 5: junk, just Supply Token tickets


This is probably the most important place to take note because you’ll want to get your BT and BS.


  • Basically like Bingo, you need to activate the whole column or row to draw the respective reward
  • Complete the quests on the right to get Anniversary Tokens
  • When you obtain the tokens, you can choose which square you want to activate first. Make sure you go for BT and BS row/columns first.
  • Once quest is done, it will be refreshed another quest until the series is completed
  • Do note that if you want the Ceremony Frame as cosmetic, you’ll need to activate ALL pieces
  • Total tokens for BT and BS = 34
  • If you clear the whole map (boss + chests + unlock all squares), you can sweep the boss just for 15 VIT instead of doing the whole run again. There are Clear Boss 3x quests later on, so you definitely want to clear the map.


  • BT and BS
  • Omnishard
  • Reset lock
  • Costume Card if you like costumes

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