First of all, a very Merry Christmas to all my readers! I thank all of you for your support on this website, and looking forward to a greater new year!

Once again, this guide is aimed for F2Ps. If you’re a whale, spend however you want and play however you want. The event is mostly the same as previous so content will be re-used, just the rewards are updated.


  • Before you even do ANYTHING, go to Gift Wishing, select Bells, and receive quests. THEN do the event. Repeat this DAILY. Try to get 60 points daily if you can
  • Skip Cozy House and Snowy Street (even for first clear) because they don’t reward bells which is used in shop.
  • Do Christmas Bandit Hunts, including Aid
    • Remember to “share” your bandits so that others can aid. It’s best to coordinate with your clubmates on when and who is spawning etc
    • You can spawn bandits while clearing daily stam and vit so always check if you’ve spawned any
  • Buy BT/BS/SAC with your bells mainly.
  • If aiming for sigil rank rewards, spend 180 gems daily on 3x aid attempts. If buying stuff with bells, you may spend 88 gems on bell packs in mall.

Gift Wishing

Wish for bell as that is the main currency for the shop. You can only wish for 1 present everyday (cannot change).

After that it’s like backup stick, you need to do quests to get points to hit gift openings. Try to aim for 60 points daily for a total of 2x gifts. Feel free to refresh your quests. Do note the quests are NOT retroactive, meaning if you decorated your tree and then receive the quest, it will not count towards the quest progress. So make sure you receive the quests before you do any event related tasks.

The points and quests will reset daily at 5am.

Decorate Christmas Tree

Here you spend any 10 materials (cane/star/lamps) to earn a reward, similar to the oden thing. I am guessing it’s random so don’t bother about trying to figure out ‘recipes’.

Pro-tip: Save your decorations for the Deco quest, enough to last you the whole event.

The rewards are not too bad, better than last year, but I would not focus so much on this section. You cannot choose what you want anyway.

As you decorate the tree, you also increase a progress bar. Once you hit 100% you get to open a chest, this time with better rewards. BUT, not worth to do.

440 vitality required for first clear for roughly 1 christmas box, less in subsequent clears. Around 2500 vit to reach the 5th christmas box. 5000 vit to reach the last box. Spend your vit elsewhere unless you have plenty to spare.

Cozy House / Snowy Street

This is your typical spend vit missions. There are 2 chapters, and 2 difficulties for each chapter (Easy/Hard).
Cozy House – Drops cane and star
Snow Street – Drops lamp and star

PS: You can use the gingerbread man under Bonus to gain more drops.

Skip this, even for the first clear. These don’t reward bells, only the tree deco items which is quite useless.

Christmas Bandit

It’s like a mix of club exploration and boss challenges. Search for bandits, and try to repel them.

You can also help others fight their bandits by clicking “Hunting Aid”.

Everyday you get 2 free challenge tokens, and 1 free aid token, and 1 free tracking voucher.

There’s also a chance bandits will appear when:

  • You clear a Snowy St/Cozy House stage
  • You clear a Normal/Heroic/Boss stage

So do check your bandits after spamming your stam.

Golden Hunter are just ‘selected’ units that get extra stat bonuses, nothing fantastic.

You get rewards from ranking in both the Hunt and Aid ladder.

Core Power/Awaken chips. Nothing special.


Christmas Shop

The usual spend-currency shop, where the currency used here are the bells, hence why you should wish for them.

  • Black Shuriken x2 – 110 each
  • Black Ticket x2 – 110 each
  • Reversion Card – 300
  • Purple Figurine Base – 700
  • Flash Top Box – 800
  • Flash Leg Box – 800
  • Flash Foot Box – 800
  • Flash Accessory Box – 800
  • SACx3 – 150 each
  • Training Essentials Chestx5 – 150 each
  • Special Training Cardx5 – 100 each

Must buy: Black Ticket/Shuriken/SAC
-Reversion card if you don’t have any left (if you have more than 3 you can probably skip)
-Orange gear boxes
-Figurine base

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If you liked this article, do bookmark this site and follow our Twitter for more One Punch Man: The Strongest guides and updates like this!

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