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Awakened Groribas (Esper/Monster) [Dragon]

Basic: Deal 2 consecutive strikes to a single target, dealing 120% ATK
Ultimate: Attacks all enemies with 2 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG by 250% ATK, has 100% chance of inflicting [Specialized Corrode] to main target and its surrounding units (DOT by 120% ATK. . After any character acts, transfers the effect to a random target, disappears after transferring 5 times.) Negates the Extra DMG from DMG Reflect, lasts for the whole battle.
Passive: When enemies suffer DOT, deals Extra DMG to all enemies by 60% DoT DMG (Only 1 effect of the same type works throughout the whole battle). Causes enemies with [Specialized Corrode] to be [Stuck] (Unable to launch [Follow-up] and [Consecutive Follow-up], lasts for 2 rounds)

Awaken Passive: When battle begins, grants [Specialized DMG Reflect] (reduce direct DMG and Extra DMG by 50%, reflects 50% of the original DMG back to the attacker, lasts for the whole battle.) After any character acts, restores Groribas’ and its column [Specialized Guard] by 100% of the DOT on enemies.

DMG ATK 250% > 400%
DOT ATK 120% > 180%
Extreme Passive:
Extra DMG 60% > 75%
5P Passive:
Extra DMG 75% > 80%
Awakened 2: 
After any character acts, Groribas and its column

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