TLDR: F2P is screwed, expect a huge wave of quits.

“Hope you’re having a good day, because it’s about to get 10x worse.” – Lance.

If you haven’t heard, Drive Knight is coming in the next Hero Backup stick. While I wouldn’t mind this for an LSSR that has already launched, this is an entirely new hero that has not debuted yet.

The devs know that DK is not particularly a very popular hero, due to it being sandwiched between so many other good units like ATT, SSR Amai, Bomb, and it’s not so easy to use etc. So instead of just releasing it, well, they put it in the Hero Backup (HBU) for more money.

Let me give you the breakdown on why this is negative for you F2Ps (and the game) in general.

  • If DK is on the backup stick, that means 1 month of LSSR banner is gone. This means that a whopping 72 BTs (36 launch and 36 comeback) is gone for everyone (not just F2P mind you). 72 is HUGE and can make the difference of whether you can safely 180 pull the next LSSR, and it also affects all your subsequent pulls, so your months of planning just got screwed big-time. And this is the second one stolen from us, with the first being Metal Bat, so we already ‘lost’ 144 BTs.
  • Bomb is the 99% the next LSSR. Which sucks if you don’t have enough BTs because maybe you pulled Amai etc. You cannot skip Bomb core, so I’m afraid there might be a huge wave of quitting since people who have planned their BTs just nice for Bomb in Nov are caught by surprise and cannot get him.
    • Maybe, just maybe, it will be Suiryu so you still can get Bomb, but that still doesn’t change the fact we now have less BT to save, especially for Sonic, Gale Wind and the upcoming SSR+
  • If they are not afraid to change things up, then expect things to change more in the future. Maybe Hellfire Flame going on backup stick as well. Or SSR+ Metal Bat being ‘pay-only’ since our MB v1 was exclusively pay-to-get. Maybe ATT KS not in comeback but for $99USD. Who knows right?
  • Even when changing things up, it’s for the worst not better. Hence you can tell they don’t care about the players and the long-term vision of the game. They could have just as easily put Bomb in the HBU, and although that would make him come later (at the end of HBU if you didn’t buy extra levels), but I’m sure at least many players won’t quit but in fact stay to get him, especially those who didn’t have enough BTs for him initially. That way all players, especially newer server ones, all have a shot at getting Bomb core and have at least a good core to last them for the next 6-12 months? But no, let’s kill our cash game faster and Drive (sorry pun intended) more players away.

The only good thing about this saga is that you can get DK for cheap, so spenders, even low spenders, are able to get him. So it’s up to you if you want to get him. Although TBH I’m not sure if spending on this game is worth it anymore, it’s too unstable and greedy, especially with the recent SugarDaddyz case. If you want to buy go ahead, but I would advise maybe waiting for a bit at least until Oct to see whether Bomb is the next LSSR and whether there will be a huge mass quit before buying. You can always buy the HBU at the end and still get the full rewards anyways, and there’s seriously no need to rush to obtain DK now.

I will post the DK guide and thoughts separately on the HBU guide, stay tuned for that!


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