23 – 29 Dec

F2P: This event requires BLACK TICKETS, so the correct answer would be not to pull, as you really need to save up BTs for SSR+. It would have been really cool of them to put it in Red tickets as a Christmas present, but nope.

However, I know that there will always be people whose hands are itchy and will want to pull, so read on!


Well firstly, you don’t really have control over who to get, since you have a chance to draw any out of the 4 (or even all 4 if you’re super lucky!).

However the pity counter stops at 120BTs, meaning that after pulling 120BTs you can obtain the reward box from Events, and from there you can choose which LSSR you want.

These are my thoughts if you want to pull:


  • One of the better ones to aim for if you’re pulling, because he’s still useful today with Bomb core simply due to his passive which increases heal and shield rate of surrounding allies
  • Cheap and not much investment needed as a support, just use him wisely in line-up (make sure positioning is correct since it is cross-shaped effect), and he already gives your team value


  • Another good unit with the same reasoning as above – you don’t have to really invest in him for him to be useful. At this stage of the game, PXM is just there to keep backline killers busy, like RMG, Sonic and Suiryu. So it doesn’t really matter if he’s geared or not, his res is his utility at this point.
  • Since we’re only using him for his revive mostly at this stage of the game, he won’t do so well against a strong ATT since he will just die after reviving. Hence he will be most useful in Monster-only content where there’s no ATT, and there’s RMG/Sonic.
  • Do note that he is still the only unit that can revive in the Monsters side as of writing. Because of this, he’s still very useful for HxM and other Monster-only PVE content


  • Not really useful, needs a lot of investment and gear to do well. Not recommended

Flashy Flash

  • Not really useful, needs a lot of investment and gear to do well. Not recommended

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