OPMTS Snow Season Dec 2020

Finally more content! Let’s take a look at the new event.


  • Do Cable Car
  • Do Queen’s Collection (consume vit)
  • Spend your currency at lucky draw (Queen’s Gift)
  • Skip Ski Resort


This one is a little different from the previous because we don’t have a ‘shop’ to spend currency. In fact, it’s way more simplified now (which is good imo), you just get Snowflakes as the only currency, which you spend it in the ‘lucky draw’.

And then we have the following rewards for spend vitality (Queen’s Collection). This is definitely worth doing because you don’t have to spend vit in the event for this to count – you can carry on doing your UD, CC and Talents and those will still count towards this.

Definitely get the BS and BT as those are valuable and cheap to get!

The Keepsake is for BK/Fukegao – They are alright, and if you’re a hardcore PvE player, you definitely need BK’s KS. With that being said, it’s no big deal if you can’t get it.

Apart from the 10% increase in Attack:
BK: +50% chance to Injure main target’s row
Fukegao: +50% chance to Injure main target’s row

Lastly, it’s the lucky draw, under Queen’s Gift

It’s the same mechanic here, for those who are not familiar, you get Snowflakes from doing the other fights (using Vit), then you come here and gamble it all away, netting you random results. If you manage to get the Core prize, which is the Snow Season frame for Floor 1, then you advance to the next floor.

I think the core change here is that now all the ‘lesser rewards’ have infinite draws, meaning if you’re unlucky you may never ever advance to Floor 2 if you do not manage to draw the core prize. However, the rates may have been tweaked to offset this change, so I honestly don’t know, we’ll have to see how it is. But from previous experience, you’re usually stuck at the Tier 1 for the most part of the event.

Here are the Floor rewards (the bottom 2 prizes that are cut out are always the same for all Floors – Gear EXP card and Coin box. I’m just lazy to stitch them together :P).

Honestly, there’s nothing great about them.

Frame just for cosmetics. Nothing much.
Core parts are for Prodigy (CE) and Brutal (Bakuzan), 2 units that are falling out of the meta. Useful for levelling core level just for BP but nothing serious to hunt for
Martial Artist badge is useful esp if you drew Garou, but you should already have one from previous events, or close to fusing one from the randoms you get from club contests/other events
SAC and Ascend tickets are always useful, but there’s only 2 SACs, and not sure if you’re even going to get to Floor 4. No BT or KS here as well, nothing to hunt for

Conclusion? Crap.

Ski Resort

Here we have the usual “spend-vit-for-currency” battles, with a beginner and expert. Usually the expert stages might contain more ‘perks’ such as F shards for certain units, but I don’t intend to do this portion of the event as the rewards are terrible, so I can’t find out. I’d rather spend my 10vit on Nightmare CC. Let us know in the comments below if there’s anything good in expert if you decide to do!

PS: You can use the snowboard under Bonus to gain more snowflakes.

Cable Car

This is similar to HxM where you get to challenge bosses. There are 30 Boss stages, each boss has its unique feature.

10 Stages will be opened on day 1, day 3 and day 5 respectively.
Defeated bosses cannot be challenged again.
And, you can get assists (available from stage 2).

Definitely do this event because it costs nothing! You get free snowflakes, and free gems. The gems come from the figure if you already have them (and you should have most of them).

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