sonic surprise box


If you have spare gems, definitely get the first Tier for the 10 SACs, 5 omnis and Sigil Box V! Would skip the Tier2 unless you really want to.


Summarizing the rewards:

Tier 1 (Total)

  • 200k gold
  • 500 Gear Exp cards
  • 15 Core power chest
  • 30 Awaken chip chest
  • 10 SACs
  • 5 RND Mark Box
  • 5 SSR Omni chests
  • 1 Sigil Box V

Tier 2 (Total)

  • 40 Purple Boost Shard
  • 30 RND Badge Chest II
  • 30 Training Essentials Chest
  • 2 Purple Emblem Chest (Choose 1 Undying/Sharp/Distorted/Eternal
  • 20 Insignia Exp Card IV
  • 30 Orange Gear[S]
  • 15 Sonic [F] shards
  • 1 Outlaw badge


How it works is that you must clear the whole Shelf/Tier 1, before you can go on to draw Shelf/Tier 2. So it’s not like a lucky pull of a certain core item that can advance you to the next stage. Not an issue here if you’re just trying to pull the Sigil V so you can try your luck, but if you’re aiming for S1 then you’re guaranteed to spend at least 60 tickets first to clear the first Tier.

Let’s assume max draw, which is usually almost the case.
Tier 1 – 60 draws
Tier 2 – 75 draws

Each draw costs 1 gift card, which costs 88 gems.

Max draw = (60+75) * 88gems = 11,880 gems

Let’s say if you’re patient and you do all the quests to get the free gift cards. In total, you’re only going to get 16 gift cards free, so that’s only going to save you 1408 gems. You still need 10,472 gems for max draw. If you have more gift cards saved up from previous then all the better!


Just grab the 10 SACs, 5 omnis and sigil box..

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