This guide is aimed at F2P players simply because they need to choose who to save BTs and pull. If you’re P2W, just buy every LSSR 😛


F2P: It’s up to you! I state my reasons below, but if you have plenty of BTs, then definitely! (only if you have Bomb already)


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: High single-target DPS / Shields / Speed boost / Self-heals
Type: Duelist / Outlaw (Outlaw)
Meta Duration:
The meta is considerably long because he has so many uses. Before SSR+, he is a powerhouse in killing the backline with his ult. Later on when he is 5* and when much stronger SSR+ comes out, he will mainly be used as support for the spd boost and shields. Up till today, Sonic is still being used in CN lineups.


Basic: 3 hits to a single target ,120% attack damage
Ultimate: 5 hits to a single backline target, dealing 600% attack damage, on top of charge up damage of 60% of the target’s max HP, (capped at 500% of attack), continuously heal for 1 round (up to 50% of damage done)
Passive: At the start of the battle, increase own speed by 15%, gives tenacity (20% of ally’s HP) to allies in the same row that has no tenacity on them, up to 2 times per battle.

Atk dmg 600% > 750%
Charge up dmg 60% > 80%
Capped at atk 500% > 800%
Heal up to 50% > 60%

Additional effect: Raise speed for ally units in the same row to 90% of his speed (even if Sonic is dead)


Suggested gear:

Definitely speed gear to boost allies as much as possible (at 5*), and of course ATK.

Recommended set is Flash/Monk
Broken set is fine if you don’t have the required pieces.

Buff Gear:

Monster ATK – SPD%(x2-3), ATK%
Duelist ATK- CRIT%/ATK
Special ATK – ATK/DMG Rate



  • Very high single target DPS, great for PVP and bossing
  • His ult also provides self-heal, so self-sustain is always great especially for bossing
  • Great passive which activates on its own without needing to do anything, increasing his own speed (and allies speed when 5*), as well as giving shields to allies in the same row
    • His ally speed boost also works if Sonic is dead, since it’s activated at the start of the battle. Hence he’s better than Amai in terms of support since the speed boost will always take effect
  • Due to his SPD boost, your main DPS units like ATT can gear more efficiently with all ATK%
  • Duelist slot, so a great fit for Bomb core as F2Ps won’t have any better LSSR duelists
    • Great for Duelist Training Center Expeditions
    • ZBM is not good for PVP since he just helps opponent ATT survive longer due to DoT heals
  • Fastest unit in the game so far (at 120). As a comparison, Flashy is only 110
  • Great for LC
  • Great for Monster only PVP as the only speed boost and tenacity unit so far


  • Needs to invest in SPD gear, so very expensive to build, as well as lowers his damage in PVE, but this is supplemented by higher dmg from main DPS
  • Needs to be 5* to speed boost ally
  • Needs to ult to be useful, so will consume 1 ult at the start. Be careful of opponent’s WDM with KS that may lock your ATT out if she doesn’t manage to go before him
  • Needs KS to be super good, but F2Ps should not get it, hence lowering his potential
  • Very near SSR+ era, especially since SEA devs seems to be changing up the schedule
  • Competes for Extreme Training slot (Bomb, ATT, and future units)
  • Not super useful in terms of support if you already have Amai, but Sonic is still better as mentioned above


We were all really hyped about Sonic, but due to changing circumstances by the SEA devs, it seems our plans were spoilt. I know Lance talked about skipping Sonic in the video, and I don’t disagree with his views, but it’s a pretty general view and might not work for everyone. Let me provide alternate reasons on why he’s good, and I’ll leave it to you if you want to pull him. However, if you’re still missing Bomb core, then priority is saving BT for his comeback.

Again, I’m not dissing Lance, he has valid reasons, I’m just explaining a little more.

Why should you pull him?

  • He’s a duelist, and good duelists are very rare to come by. As F2Ps, you probably only have ZBM as your best duelist. The next great one is MBv2, but that is still quite considerably far away. Assuming Suiryu will still be in, then it’s at least 8 months away, or at minimum 6 months if they put some LSSRs in the backup stick. That’s still more than enough time to save up for MBv2 (and Extreme CK), assuming you skip some SSR+ like CE, Boros etc. If you skip Sonic V2, that means you’ll need to use Magicman for the next 6-8 months.
  • Saving up for SSR+ is definitely great planning, but not to the extent that you’re not enjoying the game. What if by the time we reach MBv2 and there’s an even better MBv3? Are you going to save up for that too? Will you even still be playing by then? You have to spend at certain times on great units that will help you progress through both PVE and PVP, and I feel that Sonic is one of those times.
  • Speaking of MBv2 and SEA’s erratic schedule, since they put DK in backup and moved Sonic forward, who knows if MBv2 will even come out? Since we didn’t even have MBv1, will we get V2, or will it be in packs? Nobody knows.
  • Extreme Training is competitive, but I still believe that the utility Sonic brings (dmg and shields for now) is still better than the marginal benefit of a 5* Bomb
  • Sonic V2 is still used in CN lineups today but more of just a speed booster, so that kinds of shows how important and relevant he is still. If you skip him, you won’t have any form of ally speed boost at all (if you don’t already have Amai), and chances are you’ll lose to someone who has. The next Speed Boost LSSR would be King V2, which F2Ps are not recommended to pull anyway.
  • As F2Ps, we should progress PVE above PVP since that will help us clear through content to access better resources and materials, so take that in mind when selecting which units to pull. For those without Boros and/or RMG, Sonic is a great addition to your bossing team.
  • If you’re super competitive in Live Clash, then he’s one of the must-gets as well as he’s super strong there.

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


Sonic has no regards for human life other than his own, and even takes pride in the fact that he has never let an opponent live.

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