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ATT is back!

F2P: At this point, I would say no since we are so near SSR+ era. However, if you don’t really care about meta, or you really like Tatsu, or you need a powerhouse AOE for PVE, then why not!


Ratings are of my own opinion


Role: Crazy AoE DoT DPS (Forcefield) / Crazy self-sustain / Energy seal removal / Rebellion
Type: Esper / Hero (S2)
Meta Duration: For PVP, she still reigns (especially with KS) for now, until SSR+ CE comes out (est maybe 2-4 months) and then he will provide Forcefield immunity to self and same row. For PVE wise, still one of the best (probably the best) AOE dmg (paired with VM/M.Choze) so likely won’t be out of meta.


Recently, I’ve heard feedback that some people were unhappy that I ‘recommended pulling’ Sonic V2, so I just want to address this and be very clear.

  • I am not here to please everyone, and I can’t. There will always be 2 camps, and different people have different opinions, situations, playstyles, and preferences. I am here just to give you the reasons and rationale of both sides of the coins, so YOU can make an informed decision
  • There is no right or wrong way to play. As long as you enjoy the game, that’s all that matters right?
  • Other people’s choices don’t affect you (unless they’re in your club so indirectly affects club performance), so please respect their decision. No need to diss anyone just because they did/did not pull something. Let’s create a cohesive OPM community, spread love, not cancel culture.

So back to ATT, I’ll list down the potential reasons why you may or may not want to pull.

Why you may want to pull:

  • She is still one of the strongest AOE dmg, especially for PVE. After her, the only full AOE unit is CE, which is good dmg, but as you know nothing compares to DoT with VM in PVE. If you don’t have a main AOE DPS carry, then maybe you might want to pull her
  • With her KS, she turns into a whole new different unit, her DPS and survivability goes through the roof
  • If you’re super competitive in LC, then you need her
  • You super like her character. Tatsu Waifu!
  • This is the last time you’ll see her in a long while, and her keepsake, so no one knows when will she be back!
  • If you don’t think you will play for much longer, especially into the MBv2 era
  • SSR+ CE’s Forcefield immunity got recently ‘nerfed’ in CN, making FF only 50% to penetrate instead of 100% immune, so ATT is still slightly viable
  • Most F2Ps will be saving up for SSR+ CK and MB, so not many will be pulling SSR+ CE, which makes your ATT meta lasts somewhat longer (not applicable against whales)

Why you may not want to pull:

  • F2Ps super running out of BTs, with the devs accelerating the schedule, and putting SSRs into hero backup sticks, so you really need to save up as much BTs as you can, especially for CKv2 and MBv2. Not to mention if you’re into PVE, you would also kind of need Gale Wind
  • If you’re getting her KS, this means you will miss out on SSR+ KS, so potentially CK’s. You should have enough BS saved up for MBv2 by then at least, but no one knows
  • If you’re into the long game and want to remain competitive in the future, then just save up BTs for SSR+
  • You don’t really care about PVE content with multiple units (eg climbing mirage trials)


Before all the SSR+ shenanigans, ATT”s KS was the must-have. It’s still good, and definitely makes a huge difference, it’s just that CKv2/MBv2 is much better with KS and 5P. In short, F2Ps should save up for SSR+ KS.

AoE dmg 150% > 180%
Forcefield dmg 160% > 220%

5P Passive:
Decrease dmg taken > 40%
Absorbs DoT dmg > 100%

HOWEVER with that being said, here’s my unpopular opinion (don’t cancel me lah, I’m not asking you to follow me). I’m probably going to pull her KS, and these are my reasons:

  • I’ve already prepared ATT for 5P (eg having the 121 F shards and awaken chips all ready), and I’m sure some of you have too, so it’s going to be a waste not to
  • You should only get KS for units that you intend to awaken to 5P, and to 5P a unit takes a lot of time simply because of the [F] shards. If your intention is to 5P CK and MB v2, then that’s at about 4 months at least to train them both (4x ET daily) and they release back-to-back. By then who knows if a better unit will be out by then, and potentially CK’s KS might be sitting wasted assuming you trained MBv2 first. (Kind of like how everyone used to advocate pulling for ATT KS, but then better units like MBv2 came out)
  • If I get her KS now, she is already all ready for 5P, and I can slowly train my Bomb/Sonic until MBv2 comes out, by then I would have enough BS for his KS, which I would proceed to Extreme Training him for his 5P
  • She is my only AOE DPS carry (Genos got retired), so it makes sense for me to build her. I’m not planning to pull SSR+CE so she would be my only AoE carry
  • Regarding PVP wise, most F2Ps will be skipping almost everything and saving up for CK and MB. This means that not a lot of people will have SSR+ CE anyways, which makes my ATT still viable in PVP and possibly extend her PVP meta to maybe until CK. (Let’s not talk about whales because with or without SSR+CE, you’ll still lose to them. I’m comparing between F2Ps and low spenders)
  • I’m still skeptical about MBv2 in SEA (sorry HAHAHAA) since the devs are so unstable. Remember that our MB was in paid packs. And also remember that RMG’s KS was released for cash ($99USD) simply because they knew it was a must-get. So can you imagine what the devs will do if they know everyone’s going to be gunning for MBv2? I’m scared to imagine
  • To be very honest, I’m a little bored of the game, and I’m unsure if I will continue playing by MBv2 era, but I will definitely try and play just not as hardcore as before. So I just want to enjoy the game for now.

Again, I’m not recommending or asking anyone to follow me, just giving my take on my decision. If you feel like it makes sense for you, you can follow me. If you think I’m wrong, then just save your BT/BS. Let’s agree to disagree!

If you manage to draw in less than 50 draws, it’s advisable to stop and save up for the next LSSR.
If you draw between 50 and 150, then it’s up to you whether you want to max draw for duplicate shards.
If you draw at around 150, then you should continue and max draw for shards since you’re already so near 180.


Tatsumaki is obsessed with candy apples and goes to festivals just to buy them and has a fear of ghosts because of an incident with Saitama.

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