Extreme Garou (Grappler/Martial Artist) [Martial Artist]

Basic: 4 hit single target 120% ATK
Ultimate: 5 hit single target 950% ATK, when Garou crits, will trigger breakthrough condition (ignores normal and special unyielding effect), trigger once every attack.

Passive: After any unit moves, remove own stun condition. After any ally moves, Garou will perform follow up (based on 60% of ULT DMG) to a random enemy that has breakthrough condition, up to 2 times per round.

Awaken Passive: At the start of match, Garou obtains 2x unyielding effect based on 50% MAX HP. Once unyielding effect is reduced, Garou activates specialised protection effect (120% of MAX HP, removes damage, stackable with extra HP effects, remove damage will not be 5x of original HP).

Awakened 2: Once allies under unyielding/special unyielding condition is expired, Garou obtains 100% of own MAX HP specialised protection, max 3 times per match.

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