ssr+ phoenix man

Awakened Phoenix Man (Esper/Monster) [Demon]

Basic: Attacks a single target with 5 consecutive strikes for 150% ATK
Ultimate: Attacks a single target with 2 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG of 150% ATK + 40% MAX HP. After action, makes the target [Exit] (not affected by Formal Set, summoned characters like Boros’ Dark Matter Thief or CE’s Underdog Man Robot are not affected), returns in next round (Exited character is unable to perform any move, unable to activate passive attack and unable to receive damage but still able to increase allies’ speed)

Passive: When battle begins, permanently increases self MAX HP by 100%, recovers 50% of MAX HP (Basically another ACK). Triggers [Resurrection] after receiving fatal damage without any [Unyielding] effect. (When ally is present, recovers 15% HP before action, up to 1 time). Unable to [Exit], for himself only.

MaxHP as dmg 40% > 50%

Extreme Passive:
Trigger Resurrection per battle 1x > 2x

5P Passive:
HP Revive 15% > 25%

Awaken Passive: Immediately let defeated allies return to battle with 100% HP (total 4 times per battle) (Effect will be removed if Phoenixman dies before the number of revival is used up.)

Awakened 2: 
Revive allies 4x > 6x
Additional effect – Grants allies 30% non-CRIT DMG FREE (cannot co-exist with Agility)

Things to note:

  • SSR+ CK does not reflect damage if removed from battle
  • Cannot remove Bosses (pve) from the battle, like Boros Club Challenge (obviously)
  • Cannot remove units that are dead but waiting to revive (eg ZBM on the ground)
  • If there is only one enemy unit left, then cannot remove that unit from the battle

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