UR Hellfire

UR Hellfire (Duelist/Monster) [Dragon]

Basic: Deals 120% ATK to a single target
Ultimate: Attacks enemies in a row with 3 consecutive strikes, dealing 900% ATK, every strike has a 50% chance of adding a layer of [Specialized Burn] (Deals 300% ATK of DoT, disappears after taking effect 3 times, after any character acts, transfer to targets that can receive damage). Has 100% chance to decrease the whole enemy team’s Crit Rate by 40% for 2 rounds.

Passive:¬†When battle begins, has a 100% chance of lowering enemy team’s Heal Rate by 60% (70%) (80%). At the start of the battle, obtains 60% (70%) (80%) chance of [Evasion] (Reduce Direct/Extra/Charge/Berserk DMG to 1 DMG).

Awaken Passive: All allies permanently get 60% (80%) [Buffer] (Reduce DMG based on Max HP). When any character acts, removes [Stun/Specialized Stun] from 1 ally (Can remove each debuff in every round, up to 3 times).

Ult ATK 900% > 1200%
Decrease enemy crit rate 40% > 60%
S.Burn 300% > 400%

Extreme Passive:
Lower enemy’s heal rate 60% > 70%
Evasion 60% > 70%

5P Passive:
Lower enemy’s heal rate 70% > 80%
Evasion 70% > 80%

Awakened 2:
Buffer 60% > 80%
Remove debuff up to 3x > Unlimited

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