UR melzargard

UR Melzargard (Esper/Monster) [Dragon]

Basic: Deals 130% ATK to a single target
Ultimate: Attacks enemies in a cross-shaped with 3 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG by 600% ATK, last strike has a 100% chance to cause the main target [Specialized Shatter] for 3 rounds (decrease DMG Free by 10%, deals 250% ATK of [Shatter] DMG when attacked, stacks up to 3 times, does not stack with [Shatter])

Passive: After Melzargard and allies act, extend enemies [Specialized Shatter] status to 4 rounds. After any character acts, if the enemy character has 3 stacks of [Specialized Shatter], immediately [Detonate] (Single shatter DMG of 500% turns into [Detonation] DMG). Removes [Revival] effect from enemy, lasts for the whole battle

Awaken Passive: At the start of the battle, remains [Undefeated] for 3 rounds (If receive Non-Crit Fatal DMG, remains 20% HP without getting knocked down, and resist Crit Fatal DMG 3 times. Depends whether the first strike deals Crit DMG). Permanently grants 100% Crit Res Rate and 50% Non-Crit DMG Free, [Immune] against [Charm/Off Battle]

DMG ATK 600% > 750%
S.Shatter decrease DMG Free 10% > 15%
S.Shatter DMG 250% > 350%

Extreme Passive:
Detonate Shatter DMG 500% > 650%

5P Passive:
Detonate Shatter DMG 650% > 800%

Awakened 2:
Undefeated 3 rounds > 5 rounds
Resist Fatal Damage 3x > 55x
Crit Res Rate 100% > 130%
Non-CRIT DMG Free 50% > 65%


1. Detonation cannot be [Evaded], the 1 DMG is due to [Specialized Unyielding]
2. [Shatter] DMG and [Shatter] in the [Detonation] DMG are separately calculated, AS will deal his 200% and Melz will deal its 250% [Shatter] DMG (without keepsake)

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