UR Gale Wind (Grappler/Monster) [Demon]

Basic: Deals 120% ATK to a single target
Ultimate: Attacks enemies in a column with 5 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG by 450% ATK, last strikes has a 100% chance to cause the main target [Specialized Shatter] for 2 rounds (decrease DMG Free by 12%, deals 180% ATK of [Shatter] DMG when attacked, stacks up to 3 times, does not stack with [Shatter]), has 100% chance to inflict [Stun] on the main target for 1 round (Unable to act, at most 4 characters can be stunned simultaneously)

Passive: Permanently grants himself 55% chance of [Evasion] (Reduce Direct/Extra/Charge/Berserk DMG to 1 DMG). After any character acts, deals 500% ATK of Extra DMG to enemies with [Specialized Shatter], up to 2 times per round.

Awaken Passive: At the start of the battle, grants [Specialized Acceleration] (Increases SPD by 28%, if the main target’s SPD is lower than Gale Wind, deals 500% ATK as Extra DMG). At the start of every round, increase SPD of allies in the same row to 92% of Gale Wind’s SPD, only when ally’s SPD is lower than expected). Grants Immunity against [Fear] and [Energy Removal]. When the round begins, [Encourage] the allies (gains 2 energy at the start of the round, lasts for 3 rounds).

DMG ATK 450% > 600%
Decrease DMG Free 12% > 15%
Shatter DMG 180% > 230%
Chance to inflict stun on main target > +enemy in same column

Extreme Passive:
Evasion Self > +ally in same column
ATK enemies with S.Shatter 2x per round > 3x

5P Passive:
Evasion chance 55% > 60%
ATK Extra DMG 500% > 650%

Awakened 2:
Specialized Acceleration 28% > 32%
ATK Extra DMG 500% > 600%
Increase SPD of allies in same row 92% > 96%
Encourage allies energy gain 2 > 3
Permanent Immunity against Stun

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