ssr+ gouketsu

Extreme Gouketsu (Grappler/Monster) [Dragon]

Basic: 120% ATK single target
Ultimate: Attacks enemies in a column with 3 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG of 150% ATK and 42% MAX HP. Triggers [Breakthrough] (cancels normal and special unyielding effect). Trigger once on each target in an attack.
Passive: When battle begins, permanently increases self MAX HP by 100%, recovers 50% of MAX HP (Basically another ACK). Before next round begins, recovers 50% of MAX HP. Before any unit moves, remove [Stun] from an ally. (Up to 2 times per round)

Awaken Passive: When battle begins, summons 1 crow (400% of Gouketsu’s original HP). One of them will share 85% damage for allies in Gouketsu’s row. After consuming all HP, deals EXTRA DMG by 30% of its Max HP to 3 random enemies which are not in any [Unyielding] state. Reduces main target’s [Enhanced Unyielding] state by 2 actions.

Increase Crit Rate and Crit DMG by 30%
Column ATK 150% > 180%
Max HP DMG 42% > 54%
Extreme Passive:
Recover HP 50% > 70%
5P Passive:
Recover HP > 90%
Remove stun 2x > 3x
Awakened 2: 
Summon crows 1 > 2

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