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Unparalleled Subterranean King (Duelist/Monster) [Dragon]

Basic: Deal 2 consecutive strikes to a single target, dealing 120% ATK
Ultimate: Attacks all enemies with 4 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG by 240% ATK. Can trigger [Breakthrough] (cancels normal and unyielding state), only once per target in an attack
Passive: When battle begins, obtains [Specialized Protection] of 800% ATK (removes damage, stackable with extra HP effects, accumulated damage removed will not be more than 15x of his original HP)

Awaken Passive: Has a 50% chance to inflict [Specialized Burn] (DOT by 150% ATK. After any character acts, transfers the effect to a random target, disappears after transferring 3 times). Absorbs [Specialized Burn] DOT DMG on enemies to restore [Specialized Protection].

ATK 240% > 400%
Extreme Passive:
Specialized Protection 800% > 1500%
5P Passive:
Specialized Protection 1500% > 2200%
Awakened 2: 
Inflict chance 50% > 90%
Specialized Burn DoT 150% > 200%
Permanently grants 30% bonus ULT DMG

1. [Specialized Burn] can be affected by HIT%/RES%.
2. [Specialized Burn] will first transfer to characters which are not in any [Unyielding] state.
3. [Specialized Burn] can be stacked up to 6 times.
4. M.Choze and Vaccine Man can deal Extra DMG by the [Specialized Burn]
5. [Specialized Burn] can transfer to [Revived] and [Resurrected] characters.
6. [Specialized Burn] can be affected by Formal Set.
7. [Specialized Burn] is not affected by [Evade].

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