ssr+ tank-top master

Extreme Tank-Top Master (Grappler/Hero) [Class S1]

Basic: Deal 2 consecutive strikes to a single target, dealing 120% ATK
Ultimate: Attacks enemies in a column with 5 consecutive strikes, dealing DMG by 110% Max HP. Can trigger [Breakthrough] (cancels specialized and normal unyielding state), only once per target per round
Passive: When battle begins, obtains [Specialized Protection] of 180% HP (removes damage, stackable with extra HP effects, accumulated damage removed will not be more than 15x of his original HP). When battle begins, remove enemies team [DMG sharing]. When attacked or defeated, reflects 51% of damage taken to 4 random units (including [Specialized Protection] and decrease in HP, only 1 effect of the same type works throughout the whole battle)

Awaken Passive: When battle begins, summons Tank-Top Tiger (ATK by 30% of TTM’s HP). After an ally acts, Tank-Top Tiger will deal damage to 1 random enemy by 100% ATK. Prioritises enemies in [Specialized Unyielding] and trigger [Breakthrough] (cancels specialized and normal unyielding state). Restores Tank-Top Master’s [Specialized Protection] by 20% Max HP

ULT DMG Max HP 110% > 140%
Extreme Passive:
Specialized Protection 180% > 200%
Dmg reflect 4 random units > entire enemy team
5P Passive:
Specialized Protection 200% > 230%
Reflect 51% > 61%
Awakened 2: 
Summons Tank-Top Blackhole

  • Tank-Top brothers can still [Follow-up] if TTM is [Stuck]
  • Tank-Top brothers never fall even if TTM is dead
  • Only 1 DMG reflect will be triggered
  • Can reflect DMG received in [Specialized Protection]
  • Removal of [DMG sharing] applies to all support characters
  • Tank-Top brothers have no follow-up limit
  • Cannot reflect if TTM is [Exited]
  • TTM can restore [Specialized Protection] faster with SSR+ DSK

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