OPM Garou Surprise Box


SKIPPPPP. Super lousy rewards.


Summarizing the rewards:

Tier 1 (Total)

  • 200k gold
  • 500 Gear Exp cards
  • 15 Parts Supply token < All right
  • 15 Ascend Supply token < Good
  • 10 Epic vouchers
  • 5 costume cards
  • 5 SSR Omni chest < Good
  • 1 Demon Badge < Trash

Tier 2 (Total)

  • 25 costume cards
  • 42 RND badge chest II
  • 200 RND Disk I Chest
  • 100 RND Disk II Chest
  • 4 Prodigy Sigil Chest I < Trash (parts for CE)
  • 30 Orange Gear[S] < BTW this was 40 shards in the previous ZBM surprise box, so it got nerfed by 10
  • 15 Garou shards < Good
  • 1 Dragon Badge < Good but you can slowly get one from lightsticks

Trash loot. Demon badge is not used a lot, and you should have a few pieces lying around. You can slowly get it from Demon Badge shards from Gene mall. Dragon badge is great but if you just pulled Garou, why do you need a dragon badge? Perhaps the game is hinting at the next LSSR being a monster ? (Gouketsu, RMG?)

Definitely skip this nonsense.


How it works is that you must clear the whole Shelf/Tier 1, before you can go on to draw Shelf/Tier 2. So it’s not like a lucky draw that can advance you to the next stage like the Halloween pumpkin thingy.

Let’s assume max draw, which is usually almost the case.
Tier 1 – 60 draws
Tier 2 – 75 draws

Each draw costs 1 gift card, which costs 88 gems.

Max draw = (60+75) * 88gems = 11,880 gems

Let’s say if you’re patient (admit it you’re not) and you will do all the quests to get the free gift cards. In total, you’re only going to get 16 gift cards free, so that’s only going to save you 1408 gems. You still need 10,472 gems for max draw.

PS: The gift cards carry over and do not expire, so do the quests and save them for the next surprise box.


No. If you feel 594 gems per Garou shard is worth it, go ahead. (15 + 5omni = 20 shards / 11,880 gems = 594gems/shard). Of course you get a bunch of other stuff but they’re not fantastic.

Save your gift cards for future surprise box, where a KS might come out.

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