OPMTS Hero Backup Stick 3

The Hero Backup Stick Season 3 is here!

9 Dec 2020 to 23 Jan 2021 5am


Some of the highlights this time are:

  • SR Choze (New unit)
  • Choze Figure (Cosmetic)
  • Saitama Winter Story Figure (Cosmetic)
  • Bakuzan / Snek KS (Trash)
  • Buff gear shards and materials
  • 42 SPD Rune


(Grappler/Martial Artist)

Basic: Attacks a single target with 2 consecutive strikes for 100% dmg.
Ultimate: Attacks a single target with 4 consecutive strikes for 200% dmg and Weaken injured or internally injured targets (reduces atk by 30% for 1 round)
Passive: When attacking a target with a lower ATK, cast Internal Injury on the hit target (inflicting a bonus dmg 120% of Choze’s ATK. Once triggered, the effect disappears).

Just from reading and theorycrafting, I feel Choze isn’t quite useful, only useful for certain niche situations like PPP. His main highlight is being able to weaken enemy’s atk by 30%, but only if they are injured/internally injured so not super useful. Moreover it’s a single target ULT, and the weaken only lasts for 1 round, I feel like it would have been more useful if the ult was a row or column AoE maybe.

Thankfully his passive helps, just by a little. If his ATK is higher then it will cast Internal Injury as well, which I should think will happen simultaneously when he ults. However, you usually only need Weaken mechanics for PvE (like HxM or club boss), and I’m not sure whether you can ever have a higher ATK than a boss, so you probably need other units to help injure.

All in all, for Weaken PvE, PPP is better with 40% weaken (50% with KS), and for 2 rounds with no need of injury.


I’m not the best person to ask as I don’t buy backup sticks, but based on my theorycrafting and opinion, I feel the rewards are average.

However, as a small dolphin, or a F2P who occasionally spends, the backup stick has been proven to be the most worthwhile buy regardless, as you get a ton of useful items like omni shards, tickets, materials, gold etc.

Just remember that if you buy it, you’ll need to religiously grind the quests, so the game becomes more of a chore than having fun, which may cause some people to actually quit faster!


At the start of the week just reroll your weekly quests to blues/purples level, and those that are actually doable. Then just grind and complete them every week.

I’ll ask JKGie to do a backup stick guide maybe 😛

TIPS: As a F2P you would also have saved up some Backup coins from last season, do remember to exchange them under Exchange. Definitely go for omnishards.

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