31 Oct – 10 Nov 2022


  • Clear stages with vit – Sweep the last stage
  • Challenge Boss
  • Complete quests
  • Gacha your pumpkins
  • Get your BT/BS

If you are doing backup stick make sure you allocate some vit to complete those quests too. Use Saitama Intel if required for this event.

Street Parade (stages)

The usual spend vit to clear stages – main drops are pumpkin and coins.

There’s 2 chapters – Heroes Parade and Monsters Parade (1 difficulty each).

You can only use Heroes in Heroes Parade, and Monsters/Outlaws in Monsters Parade, which is quite an interesting twist and I like it. It certainly makes you want to diversify your unit lineups.

Heroes Parade: Day 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
Monsters Parade: Day 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

  • Normal – (10 vit each)

Use candle for bonus drops.

You can unlock sweep mode once you achieve perfect clearance (must clear on 100% auto and don’t touch the skills at all).

Haunted Challenge (boss)

Boss fight, pretty self-explanatory. Once killed, you can sweep. Not advised to buy extra chances.

Deploy 2 teams:
-First team to counter the boss’s weakness at the bottom left
-Second team to kill boss
(use your usual single bossing lineup)

Geryu: DoT or Shatter
Flashy: Shatter or Injury/Internal Injury
Gouketsu: Injury/Internal Injury or Tenacity

Since killing the boss gives you an F shard, I’d recommend doing the bosses you need F shards (probably geryu/gou)

Trick or Treat

You can either fight them with 6 vit, or reward them with 10 candy. The rewards look about the same to me so far (10 pumpkins or a haunted ticket at random), so use your candy first, and if not enough then use vit.

You can do this 5x daily.

Light Up Pumpkins

Easy, just consume vit, doesn’t have to be in the event (NCC, Talents etc count). Definitely try to get all the rewards except the last, just buy 2x vit per day and you should be good! Use Saitama’s Intel if needed.

Make Pumpkin Pie

This is where you gacha your pumpkins.

There’s a Flash gear in each tier, so try to get those. And definitely aim for the usual, SAC, ascend tix, Sigil Chest V etc. This part is all luck anyway on whether you move on to the next tier, so nothing you can control.

In summary, yes gacha as much as possible for this.


There’s 2 tabs of quests – Event and Daily!

Nothing much to talk about here, your standard quests, definitely aim to finish them for extra goodies. There’s a Claim all button as well!

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