10 Oct 2022 to 4 Dec 2022


If you don’t mind spending on the game, HBU is always the best bang for your money in terms of all the rewards that you will get. It’s ‘cheap’ for an LSSR if you want to put it this way.

If you’re a newer player or on a new server and don’t have Bomb, I would say definitely yes if you’re willing to spend.

  • He’s mainly used for his core, not so much anything else. But his core is still very usable and strong, especially for content which requires more than 1 team (which is almost everything now – Mirage Trials, Epic CC, Apex Clash, and many more)
  • Still the strongest Hero-side core, so you still need him even if you have Geryu+ core. Useful for hero only content like HxM etc. Otherwise you’ll probably still be using ZBM/CE core. Bomb will last until DK+ core, which is still quite a long time for us

Click here for the HBU Guide


  • Lv1 – Bomb figurine
  • Lv1 – Bomb badge
  • Lv150 – Martial Artist Badge
  • Lv160 – Bomb; They removed the shards system! So you just get WDM unit at Lv160. This means it’s easier to get the unit (no need lv200), and you can just buy the cheap stick
  • Lv180 – Refinement card
  • Lv199 – SPD 33 LC Rune
  • Lv200 – Red Sketch fragment x20
  • SSR wristbands every 5 lvls, which is a currency for you to exchange LSSR shards and awaken materials

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