choze rate-up

25-29 Sep

He’s finally here!

For Day1 players – If you haven’t gotten him yet, definitely get him, mainly for the figurine, and for Live Clash drafting. You should have saved up more than enough tickets by now if you didn’t pull much (if you already have most of the characters). If you don’t have enough tickets, and already got a 4-5* VM, then I would suggest maybe skip and save up until 180 at least for future rate-ups.

For new server players – If you don’t have VM yet, or it’s nowhere near 4-5*, then definitely pull Choze and limit break him instead of VM, as he’s an overall better unit vs VM. However, only pull if you have at least 180 tickets!

Monster Choze (Esper/Monster)

Basic: Attack a single target for 3 hit, dealing 120% ATK damage
Ultimate: Attack the row enemy for 3 hit, dealing 195% ATK damage, 100% chance to apply [Force Field] on main target for 1 round, and 50% chance to apply [Force Field] on the target in the same row (before action, take 160% of Choze’s ATK as DOT damage)
Passive: After action heal 30% of max HP. when enemy receives [DOT], immediately deals 60% of the damage to all enemies as EXTRA damage (Not stackable with VM passive) (5 star heal 35% max HP and 78% EXTRA damage)
3hit atk 195% > 240%
Force field 1 round > 2 rounds
Force Field Proc rate 50% > 75%
DoT dmg 160% > 180%

Heal 30% > 35%
DoT dmg 60% > 78%
5P Passive:
Heal > 40%
DoT dmg > 85%


  • Stronger passive than VM, with a higher DoT dmg% (60% vs VM 50% for normal, and 78% vs VM 70% for 5*)
  • He also has extra healing from passive which is very nice for helping Choze survive, as compared to VM who dies rather quickly
  • Relatively strong ultimate that can apply force field and deal some damage, especially for Monster PVP (even better with KS)
  • One of the few units who can apply force field (ATT, Choze, AVM..)
  • Guarantees a DoT passive for Live Clash during drafting (select both VM and SSR Choze to secure a DoT detonator passive)
  • Have the option to create 2 separate DoT teams if you want (for whatever reason you may have). Eg Team1 ATT with Choze, Team2 Groribas with VM.


  • You kind of need him to be 5* to be useful or better than VM (in terms of damage). Most players would already have a 5* VM, so not really worth the effort to 5* Choze just to get that slight edge. F2Ps should focus their extreme training on LSSRs that you will 5P, like RMG and ATT etc
  • Low base HP
  • Countered by High dmg single target DPS, eg RMG, Sonic
  • Does not stack with VM’s passive so don’t bother putting both of them together
  • Insignia uses Dragon badge, so not exactly cheap to ascend

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